Cypress FM25W256 256Kb Wide Voltage SPI F-RAM

The FM25W256 is a 256-kilobit nonvolatile memory employing an advanced ferroelectric process. A ferroelectric random access memory or F-RAM is nonvolatile and performs reads and writes like a RAM.

Hello World

Import programHello-FM25W256

Hello program for the FM25W256 library


Import libraryFM25W256

Cypress F-RAM FM25W256 library



This library provides an SPI access to a Cypress FM25W256 Serial F-RAM device


FM25W256 pinmbed LPC1114FN28 pinmbed LPC1768 pin
1 (_CS)18 (dp18)8 (p8)
2 (SO)1 (dp1)6 (p6)
3 (_WP)21 (VDD)40 (VOUT)
4 (VSS)22 (GND)1 (GND)
5 (SI)2 (dp2)5 (p5)
6 (SCK)6 (dp6)7 (p7)
7 (_HOLD)21 (VDD)40 (VOUT)
8 (VDD)21 (VDD)40 (VOUT)


  • You can purchase the breakout board from Switch Science international web shop here.

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