Utility Pole Tilt Monitor

  • Connectivity: LoRa
  • MCU: Arm Cortex M3 @ 32MHz
  • Memory: 256KB Flash, 256KB RAM
  • Silicon vendor: STMicroelectronics
Sector: Utilities

EkkoSense mast technology helps predict which utility poles require maintenance before they cause a hazard or power failure. It relays data gathered by a variety of motion sensors measuring, for instance, pole tilt and vibration. These devices are self-powered, maintenance free, with a lifetime of 10+ years.

  • Low-powered connectivity support, ideal for devices in challenging remote locations
  • Prolonged device lifetime reduces operational costs
  • Operates during extremely low temperatures -30°C (-22°F)
  • Specification:
  • LoRa collection gateways reduce deployment costs
  • Combined battery and solar cells ensure continuous operation during the Scottish winter
  • Based on Multitech xDot module
  • Runs on Mbed OS

  • More info about the project can be found at the Energy Innovation Centre and Ekkosense website

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