Industrial Monitoring Service

  • Connectivity: LoRa
  • MCU: Arm Cortex M3 @ 96MHz
  • Memory:512KB Flash, 128KB RAM
  • Silicon vendor: STMicroelectronics
Sector:Industrial, Oil & Gas

The Volley Boast Monitoring Service (VBMS) brings low cost IoT data collection to the industrial/oil field space.

The VoBo Node connects to the vast majority of industry standard sensors and transducers, collects the data, transmits it wirelessly to the cloud and then delivers it to the customer’s device. Two D-sized batteries can power each measurement point (including the sensors) for years, eradicating the cost and hassle of wiring and expanding the range of potential applications. Volley Boast delivers customized dashboard, charts, and reports to the customer through the Volley Boast Portal and includes the ability to send threshold alerts via email or text message.

Remote management reduces the carbon footprint, improves safety stats, and reduces transcription errors. New data insights offer improved operational performance. Utilizing LoRaWan technology, 100’s of VoBo Nodes can be connected to a gateway. From the gateway the data is then transmitted to the cloud via ethernet, cellular service, or satellite.

“An engineering/software team of two took 20 months to design and deploy the VBMS. The Mbed OS online tools, including the support forums, critical drivers and libraries available through Multitech’s Developer Resources saved us significant amounts of development time and permitted the founders to focus on the business strategy and overall architecture of the VBMS.” Peter Weidler, CEO - Volley Boast, LLC

  • Accepts industry standard analog sensors (4-20mA, 0-10V, 0-5V, 0-3V) and digital sensors
  • Relies on LoRaWan for remote reliable radio communication
  • Receives and transmits serial Modbus communications
  • 16 MB of onboard flash memory enable edge analytics and data log
  • Built using Multitech’s MDot LoRa module (Arm Cortex-M4 processor)
  • Using Mbed OS version 5.7.7
  • To get started on your next IoT product, take a look at our quick start guide and get connected in under 5 minutes.

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