Concrete Strength Monitor

  • Connectivity: LoRa
  • MCU: Arm Cortex
  • Memory: Confidential
  • Silicon vendor: Confidential
Sector: Connected Spaces

Every concrete pour will behave differently depending on screed thickness and ambient temperature, by applying material science and IoT technology, Mato Engineering is able to predict exactly when suitable floor strength is achieved thus reducing construction times, identifying ideal timing to lay flooring and improving overall building efficiency and safety. MATOlog Cure from Mato Engineering is inserted into industrial structures as the concrete is poured, to provide precise temperature and moisture readings to assist with construction and future maintenance of the building. MATOlog Cure continues to provide insights long after completion by monitoring mould growth and identify leaks within the concrete and alert facilities managers to take preventative action.

MATOlog identified Pelion as the best route to offering CaaS (Communication as a Service) for building contractors as they were already struggling to administrate cellular gateways and 4G SIM cards from three separate networks during their pilot. The hassle of multiple networks to ensure coverage, lack of unified dashboard, and the need to physically travel to customer sites to administer SIM cards were clearly becoming a hindrance to MATOlog and their global aspirations. Pelion offered a streamlined approach to billing while allowing the system to automatically select the most appropriate network carrier anywhere in the world.

Whilst the material science research that supported MATOlog’s algorithms took about 18 months, hardware and firmware development engineering were carried out by just one engineer who leveraged the Mbed LoRa stack and well-supported sensors to develop a Proof of Concept sensor in a matter of hours then a few more days to productise it.

  • Can be embedded up to 100mm deep inside a concrete pour
  • Battery life is in excess of 10 years
  • Running Mbed OS
  • To replicate these benefits on your next IoT product, head to our quick start guide and get connected in under 5 minutes.

    Head to Matolog for further information

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