changed low freq. clock source to IRC

Dependents:   BLE_ANCS_SDAPI_IRC

Fork of nRF51822 by Nordic Semiconductor


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
37:8c9bf3bea9db 2014-07-06 ytsuboi changed low freq. clock to IRC default tip
36:bd0186ce644a 2014-07-03 Rohit Grover trigger onDataSent() for BLE_EVT_TX_COMPLETE
35:7174913c9d67 2014-06-27 Rohit Grover undoing some negative effects of a previous use of uncrustify; mostly cosmetic
34:48d24b1d2fe6 2014-06-27 Rohit Grover remove comment headers in some cases; minor fixes to comments
33:8efbbf54b66f 2014-06-26 Rohit Grover disabling the persistent storage module; will be re-enabled as necessary
32:84dea0924a63 2014-06-26 Rohit Grover disabling the bond-manager module; will be re-enabled as necessary
31:c3ce6ee5d300 2014-06-13 Rohit Grover GattServer::readValue() should return the length of data read
30:85305292b44f 2014-06-11 Rohit Grover introduce some sanity checks before adding a characteristic's value to BLE stack
29:cee837a465a1 2014-06-11 Rohit Grover make use of GattService::setHandle()
28:fdc1a88a80c8 2014-06-11 Rohit Grover addService() should automatically set the initial values for characteristics
27:2a1c1825b7be 2014-06-11 Rohit Grover rename GattCharacteristic::minLength to ::initialLength
26:dade7d2857b4 2014-06-10 Rohit Grover Set CFG_DEBUG to 1 to stop ASSERT_MESSAGE() from calling printf.
25:a1c356620131 2014-06-10 Rohit Grover reverting to BLEDevice (from BLEPeripheral)
24:3444ee6fd548 2014-06-10 Rohit Grover rename BLEDevice to BLEPeripheral
23:cdab28442479 2014-06-10 Rohit Grover add waitForEvent() to the nRF transport
22:c6ee8136847e 2014-06-09 Rohit Grover slowly switching to astyle code formatting as recommended by the team
21:84599842b5fb 2014-06-06 Rohit Grover white space changes to move away from 80-column rule
20:b4f64efaaa2c 2014-06-05 Rohit Grover use GattServer accessors
19:c5b5cb65cc6f 2014-06-05 Rohit Grover white space diffs
18:465e0419c178 2014-06-05 Rohit Grover switch to using LongUUID_t and ShortUUID_t
17:c3e11bb6cb72 2014-06-04 Rohit Grover white space diffs; uncrustify
16:d8161e2af6c6 2014-05-30 Rohit Grover reset() should be called automatically by init()
15:11b0c15979d1 2014-05-30 Rohit Grover update the comment header about the UUID table.
14:5ca08f962e4f 2014-05-29 Rohit Grover use accessors for GattCharacteristic
13:b8251438f5c4 2014-05-29 Rohit Grover using accessor methods for members of UUID
12:e151f55035b8 2014-05-29 Rohit Grover rename to convert_to_nordic_uuid()
11:6277845e1cc5 2014-05-29 Rohit Grover serviceIDs should also go through the UUIDTable
10:68c0e6cabe07 2014-05-29 Rohit Grover add a functional UUID cache
9:3794dc9540f0 2014-05-28 Rohit Grover add skeleton for converted table for 128-bit UUIDs
8:2214f1df6a6a 2014-05-28 Rohit Grover convert_to_transport_uuid() now works with 128bit uuids
7:dd6465921aaa 2014-05-28 Rohit Grover add default implementation for custom_convert_to_transport_uuid()
6:bbb4357dc135 2014-05-28 Rohit Grover running uncrustify against a few sources
5:b11766b636aa 2014-05-23 Rohit Grover remove un-necessary definition of macro PACKED(TYPE)
4:534c2146e5ec 2014-05-23 Rohit Grover nRF51822n now has a different base class; it extends BLEDeviceInstanceBase
3:791d672cbbec 2014-05-22 Rohit Grover adding use of consts for GAP related apis
2:49e7ee9e88ab 2014-04-03 mbed_official Synchronized with git revision c412d688bc1b6e4f01d0d7ddb01401d96aadc62a
1:f84abedbf4fb 2014-04-03 mbed_official Synchronized with git revision 348e2de6c8b2badc1fd1fe7ae044c24c25244a11
0:eff01767de02 2014-03-26 bogdanm Initial import of the nRF51822 code