SimpleSocket 1.0 examples

Dependencies:   EthernetNetIf SimpleSocket 1.0 mbed


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
40:84182fc63956 2013-02-04 yamaguch changed SimpleSocket libary name to SimpleSocketV1 default tip
39:108499af2b53 2012-06-06 yamaguch updated link to the library
38:98f3f4408a40 2013-02-04 yamaguch renamed SimpleSocket to SimpleSocketV1
37:45e59e1c5f77 2012-06-05 yamaguch fixed 0x00 reception (preread) bug
36:03c4e6a9a9e9 2012-06-05 yamaguch For 0x00 reception bug fix
35:3fc65b5d6340 2011-11-04 yamaguch added ClientSocket copy constructor
34:a108bcc26b69 2011-11-04 yamaguch removed Serial mon,;
33:39d9cdf99de8 2011-11-02 yamaguch added examples
32:00114e36de90 2011-10-26 yamaguch UDP added
31:8b15e2b10609 2011-10-21 yamaguch added mon(USBTX, USBRX) for debug serial
30:ad9c2c2cdb87 2011-10-14 yamaguch added documentation comments
29:ea6638e444e3 2011-10-04 yamaguch .
28:7aca341f4e17 2011-10-03 yamaguch changed getIpAddr return type
27:0e7dd0ffd742 2011-10-03 yamaguch some cleanups
26:6f42de9d8ed8 2011-10-03 yamaguch added ClientSocket::scanf() and ClientSocket::getAddr()
25:b3ab82301345 2011-09-12 yamaguch set readable initial value to true; rename tcpeventhandler
24:9c7a2e830ef6 2011-09-09 yamaguch writef -> printf
23:f66f4f6b2234 2011-09-09 yamaguch clean-ups
22:fc886208c19b 2011-09-09 yamaguch fixed bug - available()/read()
21:a3cf1f055a4d 2011-09-09 yamaguch edit library
20:3d798505d70e 2011-09-09 yamaguch clean-ups
19:0db50d0cac2f 2011-09-09 yamaguch createClientSocket clean-ups
18:c03ee947f46a 2011-09-09 yamaguch edit library
17:50c0e9c5ca79 2011-09-01 yamaguch changed accept API
16:c61fc549bb01 2011-08-19 yamaguch fixed socketclient bug
15:ae9aff693b07 2011-08-19 yamaguch published as 0.92
14:c6f5c0833cee 2011-08-19 yamaguch fixed
13:1adb19edf716 2011-08-19 yamaguch fixed
12:52170a866d4a 2011-08-19 yamaguch broken (echo client/echo server)
11:04c0acd7f510 2011-08-18 yamaguch now echoserver & echoclient are working
10:62ce72ee3e91 2011-08-18 yamaguch broken - httpclient gets less data
9:11514b2e980f 2011-08-18 yamaguch Added Resolver class
8:b35559c14d17 2011-08-17 yamaguch fixed w/ a workaround for name \printf\ issue
7:d57efbdb6517 2011-08-17 yamaguch writef instead of printf seems to fix the problem
6:8c44fe7acb82 2011-08-17 yamaguch broken
5:168917e0564c 2011-08-17 yamaguch added #ifndef ~ #endif to allow multiple inclusion; set readable/writable to false when close; removed redundant poll() in echoserver;
4:59056313fbfa 2011-08-16 yamaguch initial creation
3:464dd710e6f6 2011-08-16 yamaguch version 0.5
2:304672a01127 2011-08-16 yamaguch rewite 2 - broken
1:7350a2598a80 2011-08-16 yamaguch rewrite 1
0:c41b68a4a296 2011-08-16 yamaguch initial