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Tue Apr 08 14:11:03 2014 +0000
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mazgch 17:296d94a006b4 1 #pragma once
mazgch 17:296d94a006b4 2
mazgch 17:296d94a006b4 3 #include "mbed.h"
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 4 #include <stdarg.h>
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 5
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 6 #include "Pipe.h"
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 7 #include "SerialPipe.h"
mazgch 17:296d94a006b4 8
mazgch 19:2b5d097ca15d 9 #ifdef TARGET_UBLOX_C027
mazgch 19:2b5d097ca15d 10 // if we detect the C027 platform we will assign the
mazgch 19:2b5d097ca15d 11 // default pinname and baudrate in the constructor
mazgch 19:2b5d097ca15d 12 // this helper macro will be used.
mazgch 19:2b5d097ca15d 13 #define _C027DEFAULT(name) = name
mazgch 19:2b5d097ca15d 14 #else
mazgch 19:2b5d097ca15d 15 #define _C027DEFAULT(name)
mazgch 19:2b5d097ca15d 16 #endif
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 17
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 18 class MDMParser
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 19 {
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 20 public:
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 21 // waitFinalResp Responses
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 22 #define NOT_FOUND 0
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 23 #define WAIT -1 // TIMEOUT
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 24 #define OK -2
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 25 #define ERROR -3
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 26 #define PROMPT -4
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 27 // getLine Responses
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 28 #define LENGTH(x) (x & 0x00FFFF)
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 29 #define TYPE(x) (x & 0xFF0000)
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 30 #define TYPE_UNKNOWN 0x000000
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 31 #define TYPE_OK 0x110000
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 32 #define TYPE_ERROR 0x120000
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 33 #define TYPE_RING 0x210000
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 34 #define TYPE_CONNECT 0x220000
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 35 #define TYPE_NOCARRIER 0x230000
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 36 #define TYPE_NODIALTONE 0x240000
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 37 #define TYPE_BUSY 0x250000
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 38 #define TYPE_NOANSWER 0x260000
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 39 #define TYPE_PROMPT 0x300000
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 40 #define TYPE_PLUS 0x400000
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 41 // Socket Return Codes
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 42 #define SOCKET_ERROR -1
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 43 #define SOCKET_OK 0
mazgch 22:29322c22577e 44 typedef uint32_t IP;
mazgch 28:4d9509e3b1cf 45
mazgch 28:4d9509e3b1cf 46 typedef enum { MODEL_UNKNOWN, MODEL_SARA_G350, MODEL_LISA_U200, MODEL_LISA_C200 } Model;
mazgch 28:4d9509e3b1cf 47 typedef enum { SIM_UNKNOWN, SIM_PIN, SIM_READY } Sim;
mazgch 28:4d9509e3b1cf 48 typedef struct { Model model; Sim sim; const char* imsi; const char* imei; const char* ccid; } DevStatus;
mazgch 25:4045d02e44f1 49 typedef enum { NET_UNKNOWN, NET_DENIED, NET_NONE, NET_HOME, NET_ROAMING } Net;
mazgch 25:4045d02e44f1 50 typedef enum { ACT_UNKNOWN, ACT_GSM, ACT_EDGE, ACT_UTRAN, ACT_CDMA } AcT;
mazgch 28:4d9509e3b1cf 51 typedef struct { const char* num; const char* opr; int rssi; Net net; AcT act; } NetStatus;
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 52
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 53 MDMParser(void);
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 54
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 55 // interaction with AT command interface
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 56 virtual int getLine(char* buf, int len) = 0;
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 57 virtual int send(const char* buf, int len);
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 58 int sendFormated(const char* format, ...);
mazgch 26:07be5faf8925 59
mazgch 26:07be5faf8925 60 typedef int (*_CALLBACKPTR)(int type, const char* buf, int len, void* param);
mazgch 26:07be5faf8925 61 int waitFinalResp(_CALLBACKPTR = NULL,
mazgch 26:07be5faf8925 62 void* param = NULL,
mazgch 26:07be5faf8925 63 int timeout_ms = 5000);
mazgch 26:07be5faf8925 64 template<class T>
mazgch 26:07be5faf8925 65 int waitFinalResp(int (*cb)(int type, const char* buf, int len,
mazgch 26:07be5faf8925 66 T* param),
mazgch 26:07be5faf8925 67 T* param, int timeout_ms = 5000)
mazgch 26:07be5faf8925 68 {
mazgch 26:07be5faf8925 69 return waitFinalResp((_CALLBACKPTR)cb, (void*)param, timeout_ms);
mazgch 26:07be5faf8925 70 }
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 71 // network
mazgch 28:4d9509e3b1cf 72 bool init(const char* pin = NULL, DevStatus* status = NULL);
mazgch 28:4d9509e3b1cf 73 bool checkNetStatus(NetStatus* status = NULL);
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 74 bool powerOff(void);
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 75 // internet connection
mazgch 28:4d9509e3b1cf 76 bool join(const char* apn = NULL, const char* user = NULL, const char* password = NULL);
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 77 bool disconnect(void);
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 78 bool gethostbyname(const char* host, IP* ip);
mazgch 23:05a1aeeb5fd9 79 // socket interface
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 80 typedef enum { IPPROTO_TCP, IPPROTO_UDP } IpProtocol;
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 81 int socketSocket(IpProtocol ipproto);
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 82 bool socketConnect(int socket, const char * host, int port);
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 83 int socketSend(int socket, const char * buf, int len);
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 84 int socketSendTo(int socket, IP ip, int port, const char * buf, int len);
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 85 int socketReadable(int socket);
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 86 int socketRecv(int socket, char* buf, int len);
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 87 int socketRecvFrom(int socket, char* buf, int len, IP* ip);
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 88 bool socketClose(int socket);
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 89 bool socketFree(int socket);
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 90 // sms
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 91 bool smsSend(const char* num, const char* buf);
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 92 bool smsDelete(int ix);
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 93 bool smsRead(int ix, char* num, char* buf, int len);
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 94 // ussd
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 95 int ussdCommand(const char* cmd, char* buf, int len);
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 96 protected:
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 97 static int _getLine(Pipe<char>* pipe, char* buffer, int length);
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 98 static int _parseMatch(Pipe<char>* pipe, int len, const char* sta, const char* end);
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 99 static int _parseFormated(Pipe<char>* pipe, int len, const char* fmt);
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 100 virtual int _send(const void* buf, int len) = 0;
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 101 private:
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 102 static int _cbATI(int type, const char* buf, int len, Model* model);
mazgch 26:07be5faf8925 103 static int _cbCIMI(int type, const char* buf, int len, char* imsi);
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 104 static int _cbUDNSRN(int type, const char* buf, int len, IP* ip);
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 105 static int _cbUSOCR(int type, const char* buf, int len, int* socket);
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 106 static int _cbUSORD(int type, const char* buf, int len, char* out);
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 107 typedef struct { char* buf; IP ip; int port; } USORFparam;
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 108 static int _cbUSORF(int type, const char* buf, int len, USORFparam* param);
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 109 typedef struct { char* buf; char* num; } CMGRparam;
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 110 static int _cbCUSD(int type, const char* buf, int len, char* buf);
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 111 static int _cbCMGR(int type, const char* buf, int len, CMGRparam* param);
mazgch 26:07be5faf8925 112 static int _cbCGSN(int type, const char* buf, int len, char* imei);
mazgch 26:07be5faf8925 113 static int _cbGSN(int type, const char* buf, int len, char* imei);
mazgch 26:07be5faf8925 114 static int _cbCCID(int type, const char* buf, int len, char* ccid);
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 115 static IP strToIp(const char* str);
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 116 IP _ip;
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 117 Model _model;
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 118 Sim _sim;
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 119 Net _net;
mazgch 25:4045d02e44f1 120 AcT _act;
mazgch 23:05a1aeeb5fd9 121 char _num[32];
mazgch 25:4045d02e44f1 122 char _opr[32];
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 123 int _rssi;
mazgch 26:07be5faf8925 124 char _imsi[32];
mazgch 26:07be5faf8925 125 char _imei[32];
mazgch 26:07be5faf8925 126 char _ccid[32];
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 127 private:
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 128 typedef enum { SOCK_FREE, SOCK_CREATED, SOCK_CONNECTED } SockState;
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 129 typedef struct { SockState state; int pending; } SockCtrl;
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 130 SockCtrl _sockets[16];
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 131 };
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 132
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 133 // -----------------------------------------------------------------------
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 134
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 135 class MDMSerial : public SerialPipe, public MDMParser
mazgch 17:296d94a006b4 136 {
mazgch 17:296d94a006b4 137 public:
mazgch 19:2b5d097ca15d 138 MDMSerial(PinName tx _C027DEFAULT(MDMTXD),
mazgch 19:2b5d097ca15d 139 PinName rx _C027DEFAULT(MDMRXD),
mazgch 19:2b5d097ca15d 140 int baudrate _C027DEFAULT(MDMBAUD),
mazgch 19:2b5d097ca15d 141 #if DEVICE_SERIAL_FC
mazgch 19:2b5d097ca15d 142 PinName rts _C027DEFAULT(MDMRTS),
mazgch 19:2b5d097ca15d 143 PinName cts _C027DEFAULT(MDMCTS),
mazgch 19:2b5d097ca15d 144 #endif
mazgch 19:2b5d097ca15d 145 int rxSize = 256 ,
mazgch 21:c4d64830bf02 146 int txSize = 128 );
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 147 virtual int getLine(char* buffer, int length);
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 148 protected:
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 149 virtual int _send(const void* buf, int len);
mazgch 17:296d94a006b4 150 };
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 151
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 152 // -----------------------------------------------------------------------
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 153
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 154 #define HAVE_MDMUSB
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 155 #ifdef HAVE_MDMUSB
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 156 class MDMUsb : /*public UsbSerial,*/ public MDMParser
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 157 {
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 158 public:
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 159 MDMUsb(void);
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 160 virtual int getLine(char* buffer, int length);
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 161 protected:
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 162 virtual int _send(const void* buf, int len);
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 163 };
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 164 #endif
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 165
mazgch 18:e5697801df29 166