Colour sensors calibrated

Dependencies:   mbed-rtos mbed Servo QEI

Fork of ICRSEurobot13 by Thomas Branch


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
46:adcd57a5e402 2013-04-12 xiaxia686 Colours Sensors fixed default tip
45:77cf6375348a 2013-04-12 xiaxia686 colour sensors fixed
44:555136de33e4 2013-04-12 xiaxia686 colour sensors calibrated and merged with main stuff;
43:6504d85d85b4 2013-04-11 madcowswe CpuUsage working. Currently 4%
42:26e5f24b55b3 2013-04-11 madcowswe trying cpu idle
41:fefdbb9b5968 2013-04-11 rsavitski hysteresis
40:44d3dea4adcc 2013-04-11 rsavitski moved waypoint functionality from ai to motion layer
39:c9058a401410 2013-04-10 rsavitski moving to waypoints reliably
38:6ecf0d21e492 2013-04-10 rsavitski rubbish angle facing what
37:34f4b38039bb 2013-04-10 rsavitski merge new gains and motion fixup
36:f8e7f0a72a3d 2013-04-10 rsavitski ; ;
35:e1678450feec 2013-04-10 madcowswe gains a bit more decent
34:a49197572737 2013-04-10 madcowswe untuned navigation half working
33:e3f633620816 2013-04-10 madcowswe Merged ryan oskar
32:ada943ecaceb 2013-04-10 madcowswe Made calibration more robust
31:791739422122 2013-04-10 rsavitski ai layer thread
30:00e1493b44f0 2013-04-10 madcowswe changed random comment
29:4e20b44251c6 2013-04-10 madcowswe Idle CPU measure implemented, not tested
28:664e81033846 2013-04-10 madcowswe minor opti in update loop
27:7cb3a21d9a2e 2013-04-10 madcowswe Update loop rewritten, not tested not set to run
26:b16f1045108f 2013-04-10 madcowswe Motion and motor works, but needs tuning
25:50805ef8c499 2013-04-09 rsavitski Motion control branch
24:5cfc4789e00b 2013-04-09 madcowswe added a ticker but it doesnt run yet
23:6e3218cf75f8 2013-04-09 madcowswe MotorControl compiles
22:167dacfe0b14 2013-04-09 madcowswe Working state UI
21:c592bf6a6a2d 2013-04-12 xiaxia686 Colour sensors calibrated
20:70d651156779 2013-04-09 madcowswe Predict loop running, update loop not done.
19:4b993a9a156e 2013-04-07 madcowswe Kalman init almost ready for testing
18:10adf96f5416 2013-04-07 madcowswe Oliver, tune this!
17:6263e90bf3ba 2013-04-07 madcowswe Still fixing init in kalman
16:52250d8d8fce 2013-04-07 madcowswe Kalman init half done
15:9c5aaeda36dc 2013-04-06 madcowswe Encoders fairly tuned, still has random noise in it
14:c638d4b9ee94 2013-04-06 madcowswe merged
13:76c9915db820 2013-04-06 madcowswe Still working on feedback test
12:d4b5851742a3 2013-04-05 twighk Printing Thread prints stuff
11:bbddc908c78c 2013-04-05 twighk neater;
10:1f0cf0182067 2013-04-05 twighk merge fix;
9:960410a01e6b 2013-04-05 twighk update to formula in cake sensor, as the 6cm point is not precice
8:69bdf20cb525 2013-04-04 twighk CakeSensor, may need recalibration for cake;
7:4340355261f9 2013-04-05 madcowswe Cleaned up bullshit uneeded stuff
6:995b3679155f 2013-04-05 madcowswe Added pinouts
5:56a5fdd373c9 2013-04-04 madcowswe Removed e stop button code, as power will be used through the button instead.
4:1be0f6c6ceae 2013-04-03 twighk State on 3rd of april
3:717de74f6ebd 2013-04-01 twighk Colour sensor, red SnR too Low
2:45da48fab346 2013-03-29 twighk Emergency Stop Button, Derive all actuator classes from the base class, and implement a virtual halt function that releases power from them
1:8119211eae14 2013-03-29 twighk Arms / servos
0:200635fa1b08 2013-03-29 twighk Main motors and motor encoders