MQTT and MQTTS with wolfSSL TSL library

Dependencies:   FP MQTTPacket

Dependents:   YoPlegma

Fork of MQTT by MQTT

MQTT is light weight publish/subscribe based messaging protocol for M2M, IoT. This library was forked from MQTT for adding MQTTS security layer on the protocol. TLS(SSL) part of the library is by wolfSSL.

"connect" method was extended for TLS. Rest of API's stay compatible with MQTT.

connect methode

 int connect(char* hostname, int port,  const char *certName = NULL, int timeout=1000)

The 3rd argument certName can be following values.

  • NULL: connecting with MQTT
  • pointer to certificate file: connecting with MQTTS. PEM or DER for server verification.
  • pointer to NULL string: connecting with MQTTS without server verification. This option is for prototyping only, not recommended in security perspective.



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46:d8968fcc21b8 2015-07-26 wolfSSL Verify Server Cert default tip
45:6c023c2ab095 2015-07-26 wolfSSL MQTT-TLS
44:c299463ae853 2014-10-06 icraggs Fix buf reference in disconnect
43:21da1f744243 2014-09-29 icraggs QoS 2 processing
42:f5beda831651 2014-08-21 icraggs latest updates
41:b7e86fa6dbb8 2014-08-15 icraggs Add logging and getter for EthernetInterface object
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38:affdb8bd3e7c 2014-08-01 icraggs Update MQTTPacket library
37:e3d64f9b986c 2014-08-01 icraggs Cater for session present flag on connack
36:2f1ada427e56 2014-08-01 icraggs Update types to match MQTTPacket changes
35:063dc3b472d5 2014-08-01 icraggs Change boolean flag size in MQTTPacket to one byte (unsigned char)
34:e18a166198df 2014-08-01 icraggs Change boolean field sizes in MQTTPacket to 1 char
33:8bbc3a992326 2014-07-30 sam_grove Update FP class. No longer need to include FP.cpp :)
32:3ad9afa63299 2014-07-03 sam_grove Update dependency
31:a51dd239b78e 2014-05-22 icraggs Create MQTTSocket.h to not use EthernetInterface
30:a4e3a97dabe3 2014-05-20 icraggs Merge after refactoring header locations
29:833386b16f3e 2014-05-20 icraggs Refactor header locations and separation
28:8b2abe9bd814 2014-05-11 icraggs Merge branches
27:8e27b74cfdc9 2014-05-11 icraggs Wildcard subscription handling. Limits as template parameters.
26:2658bb87c53d 2014-05-11 icraggs Wildcard subscription support. Limits as template parameters.
25:d13a6c558164 2014-05-09 sam_grove Simplify example by moving IPStack into this library for each transport. Working on FP usage to not need the FP.cpp inclusion in main
24:c56a5c7d2a52 2014-05-09 sam_grove Change repo URL back to original FP library
23:05fc7de97d4a 2014-05-06 icraggs Allocate arrays from automatic storage
22:aadb79d29330 2014-04-30 icraggs Documentation updates
21:e918525e529d 2014-04-29 icraggs Add more structure to the Async client
20:cad3d54d7ecf 2014-04-28 icraggs Split APIs into two. Add unsubscribe and disconnect processing
19:57f6f976e878 2014-04-14 Ian Craggs Fix and test subscribe
18:297771d7c0a6 2014-04-14 icraggs Remove the single file
17:4f914fd9ee12 2014-04-14 icraggs Add subscriptions
16:91c2f9a144d4 2014-04-14 icraggs Add subscriptions
15:64a57183aa03 2014-04-13 icraggs I really want the arrays to be allocated in automatic storage
14:079ddee80e3d 2014-04-11 icraggs Latest updates
13:fd82db992024 2014-04-11 Ian Craggs Merged changes
12:cc7f2d62a393 2014-04-11 Ian Craggs Unsubscribe, publish
11:db15da110a37 2014-04-10 icraggs Change thread function definitions to allow it to work
10:68a4ada53367 2014-04-10 icraggs Move linux main to a better place
9:01b8cc7d94cc 2014-04-09 icraggs Fix function pointer definitions
8:c46930bd6c82 2014-04-09 icraggs Threading updates
7:f9d690fb6dad 2014-04-09 Ian Craggs Fixed some bugs
6:4d312a49200b 2014-04-08 icraggs Subscribing
5:389ccac5a50c 2014-04-07 Ian Craggs Latest updates
4:4ef00243708e 2014-04-07 icraggs Templates for both networking and tasks
3:dbff6b768d28 2014-03-31 icraggs Move parameters around to avoid storing data
2:dcfdd2abfe71 2014-03-28 icraggs Structure of API
1:1a6016a0cf66 2014-03-08 sam_grove Created a simple example as starting point to fill out the API from
0:fe461e4d7afe 2014-02-20 sam_grove Initial draft. Working out an API skeleton