A HTTP/HTTPS Client for the mbed networking/CyaSSL ssl library

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Fork of HTTPClient by Donatien Garnier

HTTP and HTTPS Client Class with wolfSSL, embedded SSL library.


The class was forked from http://mbed.org/users/donatien/code/HTTPClient/

It, now, accepts url both with "http://" and "https://".

Allocate caller thread with 16kbytes or larger stack for "https" requests.

Rest of the API stays compatible with HTTPClient.

For more about the library, see http://www.wolfssl.com. http://wolfssl.com/yaSSL/Docs.html.

Extended methods:

  • HTTPResult basicAuth(const char* user, const char* password); /* set id/passwd for basic Authentication */
  • void setHeader(char *header) ; /* set http headers */
  • HTTPResult setSSLversion(int minorV) ; /* set SSL/TLS version. 0: SSL3, 1: TLS1.0, 2: TLS1.1, 3: TLS1.2 */
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