Demo of the usage USBDevice library with Blue Pill STM32F103C8T6 board.

Dependencies:   USBDevice

STM32F103C8T6 USBSerial Demo

This project contains demo of the USB serial usage for a cheap developer board Blue Pill with STM32F103C8T6 mcu.


The USB serial port provides a good communication channel between PC and microcontroller. Especially it can be useful for a debug purposes.


  • by the specifications this board has only 64KB of the flash, but actually it can have 128KB, that will be useful for a debug builds as it requires about 100KB of the flash for this demo.
  • the board can have some problems with an USB because it has wrong value of the pull-up resistor
  • for steady reading of data from a serial port, the project contains python script (it requires PySerial and six python libraries), that is steady to the board reloading
  • the project depends on the fork of the USBDevice library. This fork contains some fixes and support of the BLUE_PILL_STM32F103C8 target.
  • the mbed-os now contains correct code for a clock initialization of the BLUE_PILL_STM32F103C8 target, so you don't need to adjust the board clocks separately
Konstantin Kochin
Fri Aug 04 18:41:22 2017 +0300
Initial release

The project contains autogenerated makefile for a debug build,
the program itself (main.cpp) and the helper python script
'' to read a data from a serial port.

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Konstantin Kochin 0:24604e97c40c 1 {
Konstantin Kochin 0:24604e97c40c 2 "target_overrides": {
Konstantin Kochin 0:24604e97c40c 3 "BLUEPILL_F103C8": {
Konstantin Kochin 0:24604e97c40c 4 "target.macros_add": [
Konstantin Kochin 0:24604e97c40c 5 "INITIAL_SP=0x20005000UL"
Konstantin Kochin 0:24604e97c40c 6 ]
Konstantin Kochin 0:24604e97c40c 7 }
Konstantin Kochin 0:24604e97c40c 8 }
Konstantin Kochin 0:24604e97c40c 9 }