1D-Pong game based on a LED strip with 150 LPD6803-controlled pixels. Game keeps score for 'best-of-21' game. Written for KL25Z

Dependencies:   MODSERIAL mbed


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
26:448ee3b0b481 2013-09-07 vsluiter Adapted button with software debounce, made left button a bit easier (hitting sooner is OK) default tip
25:3144a392690b 2013-09-03 vsluiter GOGBOT PRODUCTION;
24:2b14f846cf28 2013-08-28 vsluiter Changed scoring color, yellow for draw
23:861ceaca2518 2013-08-27 vsluiter Updated scoring (indicates who's winning) and updated EOG / scoring with new game
22:a7619f315c0e 2013-08-27 vsluiter paddle starts from center, output to RS232 is standardized for showcontrol board;
21:a554229e884b 2013-08-27 vsluiter separated game code from more general paddle and button classes
20:a63273c11af0 2013-08-26 vsluiter Made the speed selectio a bit more child-friendly, and swapped buttons
19:bb0179b9043f 2013-08-23 vsluiter Working game! Paddle hit indicaition OK. Still have to find a way to make the game more interesting when advancing levels. Increase speed?
18:789e9fafa5f6 2013-08-23 vsluiter With button hit indication. Some bug in paddle speed, have to work that out;
17:c5a38d01dfbe 2013-08-23 vsluiter Last update before using GameButton
16:f0176e9e4a9d 2013-08-23 vsluiter Added GameButton class. Not tested
15:72c494e934c8 2013-08-23 vsluiter Corrected paddle for right position againg. Position NUMBER_OF_PIXELS-1 is where a hit is registered.
14:5b588ea6bd8f 2013-08-23 vsluiter Adaptive speed depending on position where paddle is hit
13:e96098b6660d 2013-08-22 vsluiter Improved paddle handling
12:97c71b84c984 2013-08-22 vsluiter Somehow the ledstrip registers paddle at wrong spot?
11:fc80c39ba9f0 2013-08-22 vsluiter Some minor cleanup, and corrected paddle detection for left hand player
10:6f9624c7425d 2013-08-21 vsluiter Nastiness is now working
9:c5086fe3c0cc 2013-08-21 vsluiter Added nastiness
8:f46db1ff5ec9 2013-08-21 vsluiter Working game!
7:e605dbca7330 2013-08-21 vsluiter Paddle now updates its own position;
6:c2040b4cf589 2013-08-21 vsluiter First interaction!
5:d2e819018807 2013-08-21 vsluiter Game Paddle working!
4:119537f0ff8e 2013-08-21 vsluiter Increased SPI frequency, and update rate
3:a2b58da5c03b 2013-08-21 vsluiter Added coloring to scoring
2:d2f8772a8db5 2013-08-21 vsluiter Added scoring
1:7a2ec350cdf5 2013-08-21 vsluiter Added 'WinLoose' to show who's won / lost
0:cde34c55fa20 2013-08-21 vsluiter Demo application