Mini Project 1- Voice Controlled Robot


MATLAB files: Here we have done speech recognition using neural networks. The algorithm that we have used is the Back Propagation Algorithm.

1. Step 1 : Train your neural network. This can be done using the following file: /media/uploads/vsamant3/speech.m When you run this file in MATLAB, it prompts you to hit the 'Enter' key and speak clearly into the microphone the word that it is showing. It is recommended that you train your network in a quiet environment. Also, use a good microphone.

2. Step 2 : Error calculation After successful training you must run the following MATLAB file. /media/uploads/vsamant3/speech1.m This file simulates the neural network and calculates the weights, outputs and error obtained in the training cycle. After 3000 epochs(cycles) the training is completed. This error must ideally be <0.01. If you get a larger error, do the training (step 1) again.

3. Step 3: Calculate the final output using the weights obtained from Step 2. /media/uploads/vsamant3/speechrecall.m This file uses the weights obtained from the Back Propagation Algorithm in Step 2 to compute the final output of the neural network.

4. Step 4: Test your network /media/uploads/vsamant3/speechrecallnewsound.m This file is used to finally test the robot. You have to speak into the microphone the command that you want the robot to follow. (This could be Ahead, Back, Left, Right or Stop. In this file we have created a serial port object that prints characters to the mbed serial port according to the command that the program has detected.

Motor Code (For the Mbed chip) This code accepts a serial character sent by MATLAB and decodes it to run the motors. 0 = Stop 1 = Forward 2 = Reverse 3 = Left 4 = Right /media/uploads/vsamant3/main.cpp /media/uploads/vsamant3/voice_controlled_robot.mp4 Pin Connections between Motors and H-bridge


Please make sure you hook up the polarity for the H-Bridge correctly (motor supply in the image above), the polarity is noted on the bottom of the PCB. If the polarity is reversed the H-Bridge will be permanently damaged.

Pictures of our Voice Controlled Robot.



Video of our Voice Controlled Robot. /media/uploads/vsamant3/voice_controlled_robot.mp4

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17 Jan 2014

could you let me know the parts like the kind of micro controller etc you have used for this bot

15 Feb 2014

can u tell me abt the parts kindly Micro COntroller and all????

08 Oct 2014

I'm trying to develop a project in artificial neural network, in which i need an help to select the controller were the case i should deploy my complete code in it(flash memory) and it has to run with out a computer.

04 Dec 2014

i want to write code in matlab for an wheelchair which is going to operated by using voice commands. can i have sample code for this if please send to my mail

09 May 2015

This project is awesome. I also want to develop and implement this project. But i can't understand the code clearly, there are some variables (samp, Fs, eata, trai_pairs) and instructions ([s(i,:),g] = lpc(x,12);) which can't able to understand. Can u please make comment in every line and also show which portion of code make neural network and where we send data in serial port. my mail id

13 Dec 2017

can u tell me abt the parts kindly Micro COntroller and all????can i do this by ARDUINO UNO pls give me advice by this mail and also the code on matlab fopen(s), what does it mean

02 Jan 2019

can i do this project using arduino uno and give me advice @ this mail

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