Test for data scanning of RPLidar A2M8


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#ifndef __include_rplidar_h__
#define __include_rplidar_h__

#include "mbed.h"
#define     LIDAR_MODE_STOP     0x25
#define     LIDAR_MODE_RESET    0x40
#define     LIDAR_MODE_SCAN     0x20
#define     LIDAR_MODE_FORCE    0x21
#define     LIDAR_MODE_INFO     0x50
#define     LIDAR_MODE_HEALTH   0x52
#define     LIDAR_MODE_RATE     0x59

#define     NB_BYTE_INFO_REQ        7
#define     NB_BYTE_INFO_RESP       20
#define     NB_BYTE_RATE_REQ        7
#define     NB_BYTE_RATE_RESP       4
#define     NB_BYTE_HEALTH_REQ      7
#define     NB_BYTE_HEALTH_RESP     3
#define     NB_BYTE_FORCE_REQ       7
#define     NB_BYTE_FORCE_RESP      5
#define     NB_BYTE_SCAN_REQ        7

extern char     pc_debug_data[128];

extern  UnbufferedSerial    lidar;
extern  UnbufferedSerial    pc;
extern  DigitalOut          debug_data;
extern  DigitalOut          debug_out;
extern  DigitalOut          data_ok;
extern  DigitalOut          data_ok_q;
extern  int                 data_nb;
extern  int                 data_scan_nb;
extern  char                received_data[];
extern  char                mode;
extern  char                scan_ok;
extern  int                 distance_scan[];
extern  int                 distance_scan_old[];
extern  char                tour_ok;
extern  char                trame_ok;
extern  struct lidar_data   ld_current;

/* Data Structure of lidar */
struct lidar_data{
    int quality;
    int angle;
    int distance;

/*********************************************************************** GENERAL FUNCTIONS */

/** Print int value and its name
void print_int(const char *name, int ki);
/** Print data from serial communication
void print_data(const char *name, char *datai, int sizedata);
/** Wait seconds
void wait_s(float sec);

/** Find max in an integer array
void findMax(int *int_data, int size, int *value, int *indice);

/************************************************************************* LIDAR FUNCTIONS */

/** IT_lidar
        interrupt function on serial receiving
void IT_lidar(void);

/** Reset request
        send command to core reset of the lidar
        this action took 2ms
void sendResetReq(void);

/** Health request
        get device health information
void getHealthLidar(void);

/** Info request
        get device information
        model / firmware _ LSB / MSB / Hardware / SerialNumber (15 octets)
void getInfoLidar(void);

/** Sample Rate
        get sample rate
void getSampleRate(void);

/** Start Scan
        start standard scan
void startScan(void);

/** Stop Scan
        stop standard scan
void stopScan(void);

#endif /* #ifndef __include_rplidar_h__ */