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 * XBee Example Test
 * A test application that demonstrates the ability
 * of transmitting serial data via an XBee module with
 * an mbed microprocesor.
 * By: Vlad Cazan
 * Date: Tuesday, September 29th 2009

#include "mbed.h"

Serial xbee1(p9, p10); //Creates a variable for serial comunication through pin 9 and 10

DigitalOut rst1(p11); //Digital reset for the XBee, 200ns for reset

DigitalOut myled(LED3);//Create variable for Led 3 on the mbed
DigitalOut myled2(LED4);//Create variable for Led 4 on the mbed

Serial pc(USBTX, USBRX);//Opens up serial communication through the USB port via the computer

int main() {
    rst1 = 0; //Set reset pin to 0
    myled = 0;//Set LED3 to 0
    myled2= 0;//Set LED4 to 0
    wait_ms(1);//Wait at least one millisecond
    rst1 = 1;//Set reset pin to 1
    wait_ms(1);//Wait another millisecond

    while (1) {//Neverending Loop
        if (pc.readable()) {//Checking for serial comminication
            myled = 0; //Turn Led 3 Off
            xbee1.putc(pc.getc()); //XBee write whatever the PC is sending
            myled = 1; //Turn Led 3 on for succcessfull communication