Simple USBHost library for Nucleo F446RE/F411RE/F401RE FRDM-KL46Z/KL25Z/F64F LPC4088/LPC1768

Dependencies:   FATFileSystem

Dependents:   F401RE-BTstack_example F401RE-USBHostMSD_HelloWorld

Fork of KL46Z-USBHost by Norimasa Okamoto



  • Nucleo F446RE
  • Nucleo F411RE
  • Nucleo F401RE
  • FRDM-K64F
  • FRDM-KL46Z
  • FRDM-KL25Z
  • LPC4088
  • LPC1768

Nucleo F446RE/F411RE/F401REのUSB接続方法

ST morphoUSB
U5V (CN10-8)VBUS (1 RED)
PA11 (CN10-14)DM  (2 WHITE)
PA12 (CN10-12)DP  (3 GREEN)
GND (CN10-20)GND (4 BLACK)


Import programF446RE-USBHostMouse_HelloWorld

USBHostMouse Hello World for ST-Nucleo-F446RE

Import programF401RE-USBHostMSD_HelloWorld

Simple USBHost MSD(USB flash drive) for Nucleo F401RE/FRDM-KL46Z test program

Import programF401RE-USBHostC270_example

Simple USBHost WebCam test program

Import programK64F_USBHostC270_example

Simple USBHost C270 example

Import programF401RE-BTstack_example

BTstack for Nucleo F401RE/FRDM-KL46Z example program

Import programUSBHostRSSI_example

Bluetooth device discovery example program.

Import programKL46Z-USBHostGPS_HelloWorld

Simple USBHost GPS Dongle Receiver for FRDM-KL46Z test program

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