This is a fork of a functional ILI9341 display with a functional Seeed touch screen library.

Dependencies:   BMP180 UniGraphic mbed BNO055_fusionI_fixed HTU21D GPSISR Compass Fonts uGUI

Fork of TFT_test_NUCLEO-F411RE by Motoo Tanaka


Had to move sensors to a remote board because of interference. Added spi burst mode to supported displays.

To do.... ugui buttons are slow. will need to add rtos to project. Finish other way points screen. Will have to rewrite portions of the touch screen class. Sense touch, delay, read values and then average, touch released, is the sequence. Add cadence input and logic to program for computer screen.


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
22:39a8e5c47f3c 2018-05-18 trevieze Working on touch screen response. Loading new uGui class for a test drive. default tip
21:39ef2fd5c4bf 2018-05-16 trevieze Adding averaging to touchscreen analog data. See if it functions better.
20:3ada4387cc1b 2018-05-16 trevieze Commit 5/26/2018 No changes that I am aware of.
19:096bcabf2dab 2017-08-04 trevieze Fixed from MBED Build 145. Working compass!
18:50520438c129 2017-08-04 trevieze Compass is now functioning. With the help of brilliant real software engineers I was able to rescue this program. Thanks everyone!
17:4f10efd72d9d 2017-07-20 trevieze Has a visible compass now
16:01d9a8509b43 2017-04-28 trevieze Completed bicycle computer screen.
15:27e0a1721d13 2017-04-28 trevieze Finished Bicycle Computer screen.
14:b174ec6e3ca0 2017-04-12 trevieze Added burst mode to spi 8 bit driver. Increased SPI speed to 20 mhz. added uGUI to project. Scaled touch driver.
13:4f0ebc5a4f00 2017-03-03 trevieze Replaced the BNO055 Library with a more complete one from Github.
12:1a9c0f9d7128 2017-03-01 trevieze Got a good start at waypoints with Nav library, need to add BNO055 Cal eprom storage and retreval from arduino code I have.
11:49600de70963 2017-02-28 trevieze Compass graphics are working.
10:869a102dd31c 2017-02-27 trevieze Changes made in Keil Compiler. Diaplay is mostly functional.
9:a3cb458d7b1c 2017-02-20 trevieze GPS serial interrupt service routine is working with nmea library.
8:855884782f67 2017-02-16 trevieze GPS ISR Wrapper Working?
7:8aa9cdab4a07 2017-02-10 trevieze Functioning GPS ISR for NMEA library
6:b78ff34209e5 2017-01-20 trevieze BMP180 Functional
5:6eb4b9322931 2017-01-19 trevieze Removed old touch screen driver.
4:25554dc066a0 2016-12-17 trevieze Fixed pressure constant = 1000
3:6f47fcd415ab 2016-12-17 trevieze After program rename.
2:c5085faf2aa5 2016-12-17 trevieze Touch pad library is working.
1:e265e7245ab8 2016-12-15 trevieze This is the first ILI9341 library that works! Yea!
0:cd5e3d371b54 2015-11-19 Rhyme First working version with NUCLEO F411RE