Forked PololuLedStrip and modified it to work with the KL25Z. Renamed it to Adafruit_NeoPixel.

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Fork of PololuLedStrip by David Grayson


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24:21d6d7016965 2015-09-17 tomasero To my understanding, the common gpio library no longer supports gpio_init having three arguments where the third is the pin mode. Thus, I modified the PololuLedStrip constructor to utilize gpio_init_out(&gpio, pinName); so that is sets it to output. default tip
23:a3c2ccd5870c 2015-09-16 tomasero Added example from PololuLedStrip. Modified NeoPixel DataIn pin to PTC8 (pin 6).
22:37bb26b6743c 2015-09-16 tomasero modified led_strip_write_color.s to work with kl25z
21:87fd6273e0ff 2013-11-26 DavidEGrayson fixed a comment
20:656bbcb64e3b 2013-11-13 DavidEGrayson Swapped the order of red and green so it will work with the new WS2812B strips.
19:46d7ab0ba3e7 2013-10-09 DavidEGrayson Changed the timing so that this library only supports the high-speed strips now.
18:34ba573573df 2013-03-01 DavidEGrayson A link in the docs didn't work, so I removed it.
17:91fb934a2166 2013-03-01 DavidEGrayson Not sure.
16:eaed541b08b0 2013-03-01 DavidEGrayson Fine tuned the fudge factors for the M3 at 96 MHz again. I'm not sure why they were not well tuned.
15:d69eebdee025 2013-03-01 DavidEGrayson Cleaned up calculateDelays more. The library might be done now.
14:672baf3cf941 2013-03-01 DavidEGrayson Cleaned up calculateDelays and made it work on the M0 48MHz again.
13:9c72841ec45e 2013-03-01 DavidEGrayson The code is working and I tuned the timings to try to be pretty good on the M3.
12:b6df8ac053c8 2013-03-01 DavidEGrayson Introduced the delay_fudges array. The code still works for the M0.
11:e00ba70ac54c 2013-03-01 DavidEGrayson Simplified the pushing and popping of LR.
10:f1bb84b97788 2013-03-01 DavidEGrayson Saved one cycle per bit by shifting the delays to the left in C.
9:6ffb85d69eaf 2013-03-01 DavidEGrayson Successfully transmitted colors on the M0.
8:1578776ceac5 2013-03-01 DavidEGrayson Changed the registers so that the push and pop commands can work on the Cortex M0 (LPC 11U24). There are still more things to fix though.
7:9a088f042ee0 2013-03-01 DavidEGrayson Things are still working well.
6:9d0530b7dae2 2013-03-01 DavidEGrayson Successfully read the delay amount from a table.
5:690fdfb595de 2013-03-01 DavidEGrayson It looks like the code is transmitting the right number of bits now.
4:d3b60bd43811 2013-02-28 DavidEGrayson Proof of the concept that we can achieve variable delays by jumping into a particular portion of a large subroutine with noops.
3:809dae64a994 2013-02-27 DavidEGrayson Not sure
2:425281517d59 2013-02-27 DavidEGrayson Not sure
1:102307d9b701 2013-02-27 DavidEGrayson Initial commit.;
0:06475317f283 2013-02-27 DavidEGrayson Still working;