RS232 control for TVOne products

Dependents:   SPK-DVIMXR

Revisions of spk_tvone_mbed.cpp

Revision Date Message Actions
24:4eec37b8387e 2013-10-17 Resolution Timings - bug fixes; Matrox - support for digital and analogue edition timings of 2048x768 File  Diff  Annotate
23:46f42462a183 2013-06-25 aspectType including aspectSPKFit;; getAspect();; setAspect(); File  Diff  Annotate
21:2260dde18dfa 2013-05-12 Convenience methods getResolution() and getEDID() File  Diff  Annotate
20:ebddf3ddb1f6 2012-12-11 getCommandTimeoutPeriod File  Diff  Annotate
19:350d1191e466 2012-12-11 Read tweak + HDCP status logic File  Diff  Annotate
18:d765b0d9271c 2012-12-05 Reworkings / Overhauls for robustness File  Diff  Annotate
17:68b9bb89da2b 2012-12-04 Timer overflow if idle fix (unverified) File  Diff  Annotate
16:ed8d08386034 2012-12-02 uploadEDID is joined by uploadImage. File  Diff  Annotate
14:da403a01f9ef 2012-11-05 Big update: UploadEDID, timing redesign, SPKDF firmware defines File  Diff  Annotate
13:4d659b89a457 2012-11-03 Better debug messages File  Diff  Annotate
11:90e5a72a0034 2012-10-16 readCommand File  Diff  Annotate
10:5f398fc9b5c1 2012-10-08 SPKTVOne.command can now read from processor as well as write to it.; Made ack code clearer, fixing buffer-overflow-mindrot clearTime snafu File  Diff  Annotate
9:42c83cac2f6d 2012-10-08 FIXED: Overlooked buffer overflow in my own code. File  Diff  Annotate
8:903062cdeba7 2012-10-08 Hang on RX while TX culprit found: Timer. Removing tests good but library now barbaric: won't send as fast and might overload the TV One on non-mixing commands. File  Diff  Annotate
7:c73d4c68a13b 2012-10-07 Using MODSERIAL. In tests earlier, this seemed to fix. Now applying to clean commit (#3), no difference in behaviour: hang on rx while tx. FFSx1000. File  Diff  Annotate
6:767acf32fed5 2012-10-07 MBED Serial object is broken. Will hang if rx while tx. File  Diff  Annotate
5:4b0bf9a724a4 2012-10-07 Further debug tweak File  Diff  Annotate
4:3faabbbf0ecf 2012-10-06 Debugging add - have seen freezes when actually mixing with tv-one, rather than it being connected and being left on. Could this be some error with information coming back from tv-one? Added a debug line to help. File  Diff  Annotate
3:03e7e7b7a870 2012-09-30 HDCP function now sets on or off File  Diff  Annotate
2:af9e9ab63b23 2012-08-03 added 2048x768 timings which for some reason weren't included; plus HDCP typo spotted by eagle eyed vade File  Diff  Annotate
1:349d6da461df 2012-08-02 MIT License as per MBED guideline File  Diff  Annotate
0:533cfae24a1b 2012-04-15 rolling files into library File  Diff  Annotate