The codebase to run the *spark d-fuser controller

Dependencies:   SPK-TVOne DMX DmxArtNet NetServicesMin OSC PinDetect mRotaryEncoder iniparser mbed spk_oled_ssd1305 filter

Revisions of spk_settings.h

Revision Date Message Actions
77:20f948d4885e 2014-01-17 ArtNet brought in line with .ini'd OSC + DMX.; Not compiling, but no errors and nothing obvious. Server issue? File  Diff  Annotate
70:5be3966a8a0b 2013-07-28 .ini - network read bugfix File  Diff  Annotate
68:c26478f42ca4 2013-07-27 Read network settings in from SPKDF.ini File  Diff  Annotate
61:f0a42bfca816 2013-07-26 Mix Mode Menu UX + Keying redux. ; ; Saving back to .ini hasn't worked out, so having active key settings saved in processor and read back in on load. Presets from ini now "activate" their values. File  Diff  Annotate
51:98cc27390484 2012-12-17 More UX, Correct blend algorithm (Maths!), Fixes File  Diff  Annotate
50:e98220a71065 2012-12-11 Work in progress: persistence. Is autosaving keyer param updates, no load mechanism. Should move state vars in there, ie. mixMode, commsMode. File  Diff  Annotate
43:328d851c429a 2012-12-02 Code to save keyer parameter changes back to .ini. However iniparser hangs on reading the ini despite this part of save code being identical to load code. File  Diff  Annotate
36:8b5c75c8bc23 2012-11-06 v23 - Keyer Parameters adjust from menu File  Diff  Annotate
34:69dfe64e7e6b 2012-11-05 EDID Internal Sorted: Uploads Matrox EDID and sets either that, HDMI or DVI. Improved missing source handling. File  Diff  Annotate
31:01845a2347ff 2012-11-03 Additive done; EDID first pass; Settings major fix File  Diff  Annotate
28:67269c2d042b 2012-10-28 Included .ini file; More sprintf to snprintf safety fixes File  Diff  Annotate
27:27851d3d2bba 2012-10-28 Reading settings from .ini; Seems that iniparser was a victim of stringstream memory hogging? File  Diff  Annotate
16:52484666b323 2012-10-06 Resolution support added to SPKSettings, and menu will display a 'revert to defaults' if SPKSettings has loaded in custom settings. Still all in theory while iniparser isn't working / or chose yet another parsing library. File  Diff  Annotate
13:3796bde6ba8f 2012-09-17 SPK-Setting using iniparser library; ...but it crashes on using it, despite the class being tested good when in test program. see note in load method. File  Diff  Annotate
11:0783cfbeb746 2012-08-27 Settings abstracted out to a class, defaults being set and used.; Next step: implement SPKSettings::load() File  Diff  Annotate