BLE HTM (Thermometer) by nrf51822 internal temperature sensor. I confirmed with "mbed HRM1017" and "BLE Nano kit".

Dependencies:   BLE_API mbed-src nRF51822

I reffered "BLE_HTM_HRM1017".

It can be connected from "nRF Toolbox" as "HTM" application on BLE enabled Android or iOS devices. The value is not accurate because it measures nrf51822 tip temperature.

You will need to change offset value in the main.cpp.

It requires no sensor connection. The measured value will be change when you touch the nrf51822 tip or modue. I created it to check compatibility of "mbed HRM1017" and "BLE Nano kit".

nRF51822.lib/shortlog@ed4b9dcade96: not found in manifest