U_Blox device connector

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Wed Jan 11 11:30:10 2017 +0000
Newer (57f2276) Atmel RF driver

12 commits up ahead in the master branch, short log below

57f2276 Kevin Bracey - Merge pull request #50 from ARMmbed/echo_fix
d314a4c Kevin Bracey - Stop using deprecated mbed API
3fe3383 Kevin Bracey - Disable power saving
aeaf4cc Kevin Bracey - Attempt to tighten CCA logic
059ca03 Kevin Bracey - Tidy register bit manipulation
2d00da1 Kevin Bracey - Avoid pointless floating-point
0ae1c32 Kevin Bracey - Don't load frame buffer until CCA start
c950aae Kevin Bracey - Move lock on transmit API
51a3857 Kevin Bracey - Avoid sending multiple TX_DONE callbacks
10b0300 Kevin Bracey - Correct transmit callback retries reports
fb6360d Kevin Bracey - Feed randomness into randLIB directly

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mbed_official 55:4f8a8bfbaf53 1 https://github.com/armmbed/atmel-rf-driver/#57f22763f4d3649d4ac0b1df1f568f4cc45e491a