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Dependencies:   BLE_API mbed nRF51822

Fork of BLE_URIBeacon by Bluetooth Low Energy


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
29:db32d8dae04c 2015-11-02 sunsmile2015 tested default tip
28:63be4e73d447 2015-10-30 sunsmile2015 eddystone beacon project
27:6282226b1b8a 2015-08-11 rgrover1 updating libraries.
26:a2396234b4a8 2015-07-14 rgrover1 updating to the latest of the underlying libraries.
25:867bf234e47d 2015-07-02 rgrover1 updating to the latest of the underlying libraries.
24:2c2555bb5cba 2015-06-20 rgrover1 switch to newer APIs; replace BLEDevice with BLE
23:001aebcbac9a 2015-06-19 rgrover1 updating to the latest of the underlying libraries.
22:10326311af7e 2015-06-08 rgrover1 updating to the latest of the underlying libraries.
21:ccdec4b23476 2015-05-11 rgrover1 Updating to the latest of the underlying libraries.
20:7a64b463656d 2015-04-30 rgrover1 updating underlying libraries to v8.0 of Nordic SDK.;
19:982bbbc3fc96 2015-03-23 rgrover1 we now pass URIBeacon validator
18:569257e0af4e 2015-03-16 rgrover1 minor change to a comment.
17:e2c0a1696e39 2015-03-13 rgrover1 updated to the latest from BLE_API.; Moving persistence checking into the Nordic specific flash adaptor code.
16:1daa78939a3b 2015-03-09 rgrover1 updating the URIBeacon demo to the latest API for URIBeaconConfigService.; ; Hopefully the app has been simplified now.
15:44052a745782 2015-03-06 rgrover1 updating underlying libraries.
14:868a1207022d 2015-02-16 rgrover1 fix license header; and delete un-necessary nrfUriBeaconConfigService.h.
13:b82d8db73633 2015-02-13 rgrover1 Updating to Bill's version of the URIBeacon app
12:a60959597fb4 2015-01-22 rgrover1 updating to 0.2.10 of BLE_API.
11:c77cc2b74101 2015-01-21 rgrover1 adding implementation for nrfURIBeaconConfigService, which ports the platform-agnostic URIBeaconConfigService to the nRF51822 and implements lock persistence.
10:41db7f0bc677 2014-12-12 rgrover1 updating underlying libraries to their latest version
9:e7f47bec97b8 2014-12-04 mbedAustin Initial Commit of the URI Beacon example. A simplified version of PhysicalWeb .
8:b816829fb712 2014-12-03 rgrover1 config service remains avaialble for only 30 seconds.
7:6faec5978fb4 2014-12-01 rgrover1 updating to 0.2.6 of BLE_API.; Incorporated feedback from Bill Schilit regarding URIBeaconConfigService.
6:31b65d4ea67d 2014-11-28 rgrover1 Implementation for URIBeacon2; ;
5:e5b0bfe715d5 2014-11-05 rgrover1 merge
4:a72d66f900ec 2014-11-05 rgrover1 updating underlying libraries.
3:1d2526788eaa 2014-10-09 stevep replace http://www with http://
2:b7b8197d1a32 2014-10-08 rgrover1 white space diff.
1:65e87169548d 2014-10-08 rgrover1 removing un-necessary comments.
0:790a27ffc99b 2014-10-08 rgrover1 mbed's implementation of the Google PhysicalWeb