FIAP (IEEE1888) library

Dependents:   Fetch_IEEE1888_Storage IEEE1888_MULTI_SENSOR_GW

Fork of FiapV2 by Yasushi TAUCHI



File content as of revision 19:101d8775b33d:

//  IEEE1888 / FIAP Uploader Library for Arduino
//  2011/09/19 ver.1   H.Inoue & H.Ochiai
//  2011/12/31 Ver.1 for mbed Y.Tauchi
//  2013/02 inherited repository by S.Yoshida

// --------- FIAP.h  ---------
#ifndef MBED_FIAP_H
#define MBED_FIAP_H

#include "mbed.h"
#include "HTTPClient.h"

// return code of post method
#define FIAP_UPLOAD_OK       0  // Succeeded
#define FIAP_UPLOAD_CONNFAIL 1  // Connection faild (Socket I/O error)
#define FIAP_UPLOAD_DNSERR   2  // DNS error
#define FIAP_UPLOAD_HTTPERR  3  // HTTP Server error (The response was not "200 OK")
#define FIAP_UPLOAD_FIAPERR  4  // FIAP Server error

// use fetch_last_data() if true
#define USE_FETCH  true

/** fiap_element
 *@param char*     cid    Point ID
 *@param char*     value  data
 *@param uint16_t  year   nnnn
 *@param uint8_t   month  1-12
 *@param uint8_t   day    1-31
 *@param uint8_t   hour   0-23
 *@param uint8_t   minute 0-59
 *@param uint8_t   second 0-59
 *@param char*     timezone -nn:nn, +nn:nn
struct fiap_element {
    char* cid;
    char* value;
    uint16_t year;
    uint8_t month;
    uint8_t day;
    uint8_t hour;
    uint8_t minute;
    uint8_t second;
    char* timezone;

/** FIAP Class */
class FIAP {
    /** Create fiap object
     * @param Storage FIAP Storage Addrees
     * @param _use_fetch use fetch mode if true, write mode if false
    FIAP(char Storage[], bool _use_fetch);
    FIAP(char Storage[]);

    /** Set Storage URL
     * @param Storage FIAP Storage Addrees
    void setStorage(char Storage[]);

    /* Set mode
     * @param _use_fetch use fetch mode if true, write mode if false
    void setMode(bool _use_fetch);

    /** post
     * @param v data vaule
     * @param esize  number of data
    int post(struct fiap_element* v, unsigned int esize);

    /** fetch last data
     * @param v Return Values
     * @return network_error
    int fetch_last_data(struct fiap_element* v /*, unsigned int esize*/);

    /** get status text
     * @param r HTTPResult
     * @preturn status text
    char* HTTPStatusText(HTTPResult r);

    /** debug_mode
     *  Output XML and Error
    bool debug_mode;
    bool _use_fetch;//use fetch mode if true, write mode if false
    char _fiap_storage[100];//FIAP Storage Addrees
    char _soap_header[256];
    char _soap_footer[256];
    char _soap_action[32];
    char _soap_text[2000];
    void myprintf(char*);