Paul Staron

Public Repositories (39)

  • HT1621_16seg_LCD

    Holtek HT1621 16 segment 9 digit LCD display library

    HT1621, LCD, segment
    Last updated: 17 Jan 2015 1 26
  • 4Dsystems_uOLED-32028_Demo

    Demo program for the Oled display

    Last updated: 12 Jan 2015 4 18
  • ERC1602-4-i2c

    ERC1602-4 i2c Text LCD library for East Rising COG display in i2c mode using the ST7032i controller IC.

    Last updated: 04 May 2014 1 48
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    DCF77 atomic clock using 1602 type LCD, sets MCU RTC and goes into Deep Sleep, waking every second to update LCD time. Re acquires DCF time every 24 hours, tests …

    dcf77, KL05Z
    Last updated: 26 Feb 2014 1 129
  • FRDM-KL46Z LCD rtc Demo

    FRDM-KL46Z board sLCD demo code using RTC clock.

    FRDM-KL46Z, kl46z, SLCD
    Last updated: 27 Jan 2014 2 611
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    DCF77 clock using the HY-1.8 LCD display. Sets KL25Z RTC clock and will continue to run with no DCF signal. Import the libraries to work on FRDM-KL25Z board, sends 8 …

    dcf77, HY-1.8, ST7735
    Last updated: 26 Mar 2013 3 88
  • HY-1_8TFT_ST7735_KL25Z

    Chinese module, HY-1.8 SPI TFT LCD Display library, modified library from Jonne Valola to work on the FRDM-KL25Z using 8 bit format.

    HY-1.8, ST7735
    Last updated: 25 Mar 2013 1 155
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    DCF77 Atomic clock using Nokia 6610 colour LCD display. This will continue to run with no signal and shows a graphic bit map display demonstrating the time build. Does not …

    atomic, clock, dcf77
    Last updated: 19 Mar 2013 3 41
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    Freescale KL25Z DCF77 Atomic clock using 4D Systems uOLED160 OLED display. Displays a graphical display of DCF time signal bit build and sets the local clock time. The main signal …

    atomic, clock, dcf77, KL25z, OLED160
    Last updated: 08 Mar 2013 2 91