Add support new target: ST Nucleo-L152RE Official mbed Real Time Operating System based on the RTX implementation of the CMSIS-RTOS API open standard.

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18:2305dcd0c72e 2014-03-11 stanly88 Add support new target: ST Nucleo-L152RE default tip
17:771275db0efe 2014-03-10 mbed_official Synchronized with git revision 882ceb80ee8119f98c4cf31e06a91925eddaca91
16:f88660a9bed1 2014-01-23 mbed_official Synchronized with git revision b7a925e3cf046d2c5a95f80b14d6c285afbdfa7e
15:29007aef10a4 2013-11-19 mbed_official Synchronized with git revision 'ec1a027088bf562c011ef2197ec2589990449a36 ('ec1a027088bf562c011ef2197ec2589990449a36/)
14:ee87e782d34f 2013-09-11 bogdanm Synchronized with git revision 6eec86cbbf5003a2f9193a2d06d9a60b51c309c5
13:869ef732a8a2 2013-08-05 bogdanm Update sources to revision 64
12:58b30ac3f00e 2013-05-30 emilmont Add LPC4088 target
11:db1fc233faa9 2013-04-30 emilmont In the Keil MDK toolchain "RTX_Config.h" is a special system library header file
10:fcb1f103f7a1 2013-04-24 emilmont Add KL25Z support (Cortex-M0+)
9:53e6cccd8782 2013-01-28 emilmont Increase default stdlib mutex number; Provide proper error message when we run out of stdlib mutexes
8:88a1a9c26ae3 2012-11-27 emilmont Add "Thread::get_state" method.; Update license.; Update documentation.
7:80173c64d05d 2012-11-23 emilmont Avoid using C++ keyword for C structure filed name
6:350b53afb889 2012-11-23 emilmont Merge RTOS C++ API and RTX under the same library; Update RTX to version 4.60; Add proper Thread destructor;
5:9654a71f5a90 2012-08-03 emilmont Move the RTX configuration file in the RTX library
4:70bd33086f56 2012-07-30 emilmont Implement new RTOS memory model for LPC11U24
3:4238c328365e 2012-07-23 emilmont Update stack sizes configuration
2:4629f61a197e 2012-07-23 emilmont Improve RTOS memory usage
1:01158bb7600c 2012-07-12 emilmont Update mbed-rtos library to new implementation not requiring an additional static memory pool
0:3cf1dd27c89c 2012-06-22 emilmont Initial commit