Changes made for RPC


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
18:08b85ace10c3 2019-01-15 sohaibqamar Changes made for RPC default tip
17:c690fb2de477 2015-06-15 sarahmarshy Included RpcHandler in main HTTPServer header - allowed templating of RPC handler. Changed RPC succesful execution return code from 1 to 200. HTTP was sending a response of 1 on success, causing the client to assume there was an error.
16:cc3f5c53d0d5 2013-08-17 leihen - Removed old Debug message helper macros and replaced them with new hl_debug.h macros.
15:909dcf44c3db 2013-08-17 leihen Added missing debug.h
14:011edcd33e86 2013-08-17 leihen Changed behaviour, so that now an EthernetInterface can be provided by user of the library as an alternative to having the HTTPServer being the owner.
13:aa5338a5e452 2013-06-22 leihen First Version of a working Ethernet HTTP Server.
12:ba81cc117fb6 2013-06-05 leihen Improved throughput of data.
11:3943841e1798 2013-06-02 leihen A few bugfixes
10:cbde7929db7f 2013-06-02 leihen merged, some minor changes and improvements
9:c2a1462b9b71 2013-06-02 leihen Some small simplifications and improvements.
8:ccbdf6e28655 2013-06-01 leihen Disabled Debug Switch.
7:cb7fec1265b5 2013-06-01 leihen Fixed a Problem with incorrect HttpBody size when returning GET Request data.
6:fe661fa9d18a 2013-06-01 leihen Added DEBUG preprocessor constant to each file.
5:dc88012caef1 2013-06-01 leihen Now also supporting RPC get requests
4:d065642c32cc 2013-05-28 leihen Added parameter parsing from uri in http webrequest.
3:d6224049b3bf 2013-05-28 leihen First beta version
2:8653bbcf7e58 2013-05-26 leihen Optimized for RAM.
1:6b7472d5e9ee 2013-05-26 leihen Basic functionality demonstrated. One issue exists with error pages, which does not work 100%
0:7a2421e63e74 2013-05-26 leihen First draft, which does not actually handle a request.