Gesture Remote Control

This page documents the creation of a gesture remote control using a Parallax SI1143 Gesture Sensor and a Polaroid SRF04 Ultra-Sonic Ranging Sensor. For our remote control, we use the SI1143 to change whether the SRF04 operates the volume or the channels, and to turn the television off and on. To control the television, we send signals with a Sparkfun Power IR LED. To receive the signals that we used to control the television, we used a Sparkfun IR Receiver TSOP85. When the program is run, it first asks for the user to send signals to the receiver using their television remote, which allows for the gesture remote to work with almost any television. The people who worked on this project are Carden Bagwell (Section B), Samuele Jackson (Section B), and Tue Tran (Section A).

SI1143 Gesture Sensor


Pin Diagram

SI1143 pinsmbed
INTnot connected
SCLp27, with 4.7k resistor pullup to VIN
SDAp28, with 4.7k resistor pullup to VIN

SRF04 Ultra-Sonic Ranging Sensor



Pin Diagram

Echo Outputp6
Trigger inputp7

Sparkfun Power IR LED


Pin Diagram

IR LEDmbed

Sparkfun IR Receiver TSOP85


Pin Diagram

IR Receivermbed

Code Documentation

Import programmbed_gesture

library for controlling tv remote with gestures

Images and Video Demonstration




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15 Mar 2017

Could you please tell me how to write the code for the IR receiver?

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