A simple library for controlling the cursor position and colour on a serial terminal emulator.

A terminal program like Teraterm or Hyperterminal often supports escape sequences to control things like cursor location and colour. A common set of escape codes are those first used on the VT100 terminal, which are listed sequences, as found here:

Based on the conversation about the TextStar LCD, this is an experiment for a very simple library to wrap these up in to a class inherited from Serial to make it much easier to use, and more like the drivers we'll have for LCDs.

ANSI/VT100 Terminal Library and Example


#include "mbed.h"
#include "Terminal.h"

Terminal term(USBTX, USBRX); // tx, rx

int main() {
#include "mbed.h"
#include "Terminal.h"

Terminal term(USBTX, USBRX); // tx, rx

#define ASCII_BLOCK     219
#define ASCII_BORDER_H  205
#define ASCII_BORDER_V  186
#define ASCII_BORDER_TL 201
#define ASCII_BORDER_TR 187
#define ASCII_BORDER_BL 200
#define ASCII_BORDER_BR 188

#define WIDTH 30

void box(int x, int y, int w, int h) {
    // corners
    term.locate(x, y);
    term.locate(x + w - 1, y);
    term.locate(x, y + h - 1);
    term.locate(x + w - 1, y + h - 1);
    // top
    term.locate(x + 1, y);
    for(int i=0; i


04 Jan 2010

Hey..! Maybe someone can start porting dos games now haha. This is very nice..

15 Jan 2010

I believe you have a typo in your locate function:

void Terminal::locate(int column, int row) {
    // Cursor Home    [{ROW};{COLUMN}H
    this->printf("\033[%d;%dH%c", row + 1, column + 1); //<-- extra %c at the end of your format
Should be:

void Terminal::locate(int column, int row) {
    // Cursor Home    [{ROW};{COLUMN}H
    this->printf("\033[%d;%dH", row + 1, column + 1);

13 Aug 2016 . Edited: 13 Aug 2016
It's working but it's not. When i put the code in infinite while loop it doesn't execute for at least one time. But it is working absolutely fine without that checkout my code below #include "mbed.h" #include "Terminal.h" Terminal term(USBTX, USBRX); // tx, rx int main() { //term.background(0x00FF00); //term.foreground(0xFF0000); //term.printf("Hello"); //term.locate(3,3); //term.printf("World!"); //while(1) { term.foreground(0x00FF00); term.locate(0,0); term.printf("Panel 1"); term.locate(30,0); term.printf("Panel 2"); term.locate(60,0); term.printf("Panel 3"); term.locate(0,5); term.printf("Panel 4"); term.locate(30,5); term.printf("Panel 5"); term.locate(60,5); term.printf("Panel 6"); term.locate(0,10); term.printf("Panel 7"); term.locate(30,10); term.printf("Panel 8"); term.locate(60,10); term.printf("Panel 9"); term.cls(); } } I have commented the while loop here if you remove comment on the while loop it doesn't work. Provide me some solution if you have it thank you.

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