I just got hold of the Embedded Artists Xpresso baseboard, so thought I'd have a play; a very comprehensive target baseboard.

First experiment is with the little OLED screen. Hunting through the datasheets it became obvious the board doesn't actually connect all wires needed to the mbed (a command/data line is missing), so I added a jump wire:


It connects PIO2_7 of baseboard mbed socket (empty 2nd hole below mbed pin 21) to PIO0_8(p13) of J6 (7th hole down on left side of J6) to provide OLED data/command signal.

With help from the startup sequence EA provide, I put together a quick library for so it works just like the MobileLCD. Here is the code and an example:


And the results:




28 Feb 2010 . Edited: 28 Feb 2010

Thanks Simon for sharing. Works perfectly on mine. Il would be great to create a sub forum for this board if possible so  it wold be easier to share programs among users.



21 Mar 2010

Thanks again for the bootstrap to get started. Program runs great!

31 Aug 2010


Will this work with a 160x128 oled display if we change the defines?  I didn't see where  the source you used to purchase the display  you used??


02 Sep 2010


I'm not sure if anyone's already posted this but...

There's now a Rev B of the EA LPCXpresso baseboard with the following changes reported (from the schematics)

Added J60/J61/R216/R217 FOR USB Host i/f

Added J62 to support LPC17xx bootload

Added J58 to support spi i/f to OLED or mbed


I've not yet had chance to try my rev.B  in place of the rev. A one, will try to remember to post when I do...


21 Nov 2010


i am testing the Rev B board and there is no jump wire required. To get the display running only J58 has to be closed.



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