AirsoftTimer software based on mbed

Dependencies:   mbed TextLCD keypad


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
27:f29805113454 2017-02-09 sillevl ARCHIVE WIP, not working (crashes, cause unknown) default tip
26:1c7f293ba49c 2015-05-25 sillevl removed old menu classes (not needed or used anyway)
25:a26b2ec5ab72 2015-05-24 sillevl prevent WaitForKeyObjective from continuously refreshing the screen
24:f0989eca7469 2015-05-24 sillevl solved circular include bug on Game and Objective classes
23:eb5a5da6e83f 2015-05-24 sillevl added vector for objectives in game class (has circular include bug with Game and Objective class)
22:741a6e3a8dd7 2015-05-24 sillevl removed some comments
21:f4e556dc9885 2015-05-24 sillevl Gameselector print list on keyEvent
20:b89791ecceec 2015-05-24 sillevl cleaned out comments
19:2eba101d9c2c 2015-05-23 sillevl game selector working (solved strange behaviour with buttonEvent and lcd commands)
18:abcebc4d0da0 2015-05-23 sillevl work in progress;
17:19dbb1dbb640 2015-05-23 sillevl added buttonlistener to game selector (not yet working)
16:e8e96bf22df1 2015-05-23 sillevl added observer for button events;
15:78116b7254d5 2015-05-23 sillevl Added keyEvent to Objectives
14:e0bfee0a5e66 2015-05-23 sillevl added ObjectiveFactory class and small refactoring on game
13:ece97a1108cc 2015-05-23 sillevl Refactoring and adding GameFactory and Objective concept
12:22e9ef610ea2 2015-05-23 sillevl Showbuzzer game only
11:50572814f73e 2014-12-31 sillevl ShowBuzzer;
10:afc22465169e 2014-12-14 sillevl Added game selector skeleton + demo
9:b587bae22691 2014-12-13 sillevl show game list and added special characters
8:e9fb60f5a56f 2014-12-13 sillevl Refactored Airsofttimer class to have start method
7:baf207d88603 2014-12-13 sillevl Refactored pinouts to be more consistent
6:8035ee13db25 2014-12-13 sillevl updated old menu classes. Not used at the moment, maybe later
5:be598835bab0 2014-12-13 sillevl Refactored game board (all hardware) and added abstract game class
4:2c91c9eccf3a 2014-12-13 sillevl refactored startup code and added class placeholders for interface devices (board)
3:ce34dfe2463b 2014-12-12 sillevl old v0.3 inital demo app
2:f8e46daca111 2013-02-26 sillevl Threaded alive led;
1:c80248c83025 2013-02-10 sillevl with embed library
0:4a0929f1b4fd 2013-02-07 sillevl Hello world LED ! working !