Synthesizer based on the Unzen / Nucleo F746ZG

Dependencies:   amakusa mbed-dsp mbed shimabara ukifune unzen_nucleo_f746

Fork of skeleton_unzen_nucleo_f746 by seiichi horie

雲仙フレームワークのテストとして作っているプロジェクトです。中身はどんどん変っていきます。 説明はDSP空挺団の「シンセサイザー」カテゴリーを参照してください。初回は「ドッグフードを食べる」です。


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
29:8ee84bda128c 2017-02-18 shorie Limiter function is confirmed. SV filter ignored bug was fixed. default tip
28:547f19ed6f67 2017-02-11 shorie 13 tone is ready to play
27:fcb1f1da2ad7 2017-02-11 shorie EG is integrated
26:e99f71165e19 2017-02-10 shorie fulfill change
25:d15dd7b9101c 2017-02-10 shorie run() method of child classes of the amakusa::AbstractFilter are modified.
24:c77331e72374 2017-02-08 shorie restrict VFO::half_way as integer multiple of VFO::frequency. Hopefully, the sound of the square_wave become stable.
23:58626090fce3 2017-02-05 shorie Fixed bug of the f_factor in SVF
22:dc2cbe8db9d9 2017-02-05 shorie Integrated filter
21:dcfbe6d2a6d3 2017-02-04 shorie SVF is just passed compiler. But not in the chain. Check the default blocksize process.;
20:53021b2c424d 2017-02-04 shorie Added SV Filter
19:f5e785fe50b1 2017-02-03 shorie Total structure is refactored to use the Monophonic.
18:b9b1116f8768 2017-02-01 shorie Update ciomment
17:728ffc633179 2017-01-31 shorie VFO is now working.
16:d4ea3e6a0bce 2017-01-31 shorie update the VFO.
15:de22b9d147e0 2017-01-30 shorie Update VFO.
14:cec63d8da48c 2017-01-30 shorie VFO added.
13:b33cb5925113 2017-01-29 shorie Update comment
12:2b121255e2d1 2017-01-29 shorie Comment updated.
11:7d8740437e6a 2017-01-28 shorie Sample program is working. Gain control of the talk through and the SWM1,2,3 usage demo.
10:a00c73efc6c3 2017-01-27 shorie Comment edited.
9:7f521a0b397c 2017-01-27 shorie Comment edited.
8:d8d1776e865b 2017-01-27 shorie Refactored
7:e86c645231ff 2017-01-27 shorie Refactored.
6:486b1cb03e61 2017-01-27 shorie Skeleton build successful. Need to test.
5:a0222eedb4e0 2017-01-25 shorie first commit
4:94612633fa23 2017-01-21 shorie Test commit for publish
3:1b420050bdda 2017-01-21 shorie Commit for test
2:d5028a37f17b 2017-01-02 shorie Temporary commit.
1:98ddcbbe10ba 2016-12-11 shorie Beta establishment. Demonstration of Unzen.
0:a837eeab3ca6 2016-06-19 shorie Sample program of the nucleo_f746