First publishment of Shimabara Audio Codec Controller library. Including code for ADAU1361 and UMB-ADAU1361A. Working pretty fine. Checked with LPCXpresso 4337 and Unzen_lpc4337

Dependents:   unzen_sample_LPC4088_quickstart unzen_sample_lpcxpresso_4337_callbacks unzen_sample_nucleo_f746 unzen_delay_sample_nucleo_f746 ... more



shimabaraは BaseAudioCodec, ADAU1361, UMB_ADAU1361Aの三つのクラスを定義しています。いずれのクラスも名前空間simabaraに属しています。実際のアプリケーションで使用するのはshimabara::UMB_ADAU1361Aだけで、このクラスはアクアシグナルのUMB-ADAU1361-Aに対応しています。ヘッダーファイルは umb_adau1361a.hです。


  • Fs はサンプル周波数です。これはenum Fs_type型の引数で、やはり名前空間shimabaraに属しています。
  • controller はADAU1361Aが接続されているI2Cポートに対応するI2Cオブジェクトを与えます。shimabaraはこのポートを通してCODECと通信します。
  • Addrには、コーデックのI2Cアドレスを与えます。現時点ではこの引数は0x38固定です。





File content as of revision 7:6d921f8c38d6:

* \brief header file for the UMB-ADAU1361A codec board controler
* \arthur SeiichiHorie
* \date 8/May/2016

#ifndef _UMB_ADAU1361A_H_
#define _UMB_ADAU1361A_H_

#include "adau1361.h"
#include "mbed.h"
 \brief audio framework name space. 
namespace shimabara 

* \brief UMB-ADAU1361-A audio codec board controller.
* \details
*   This class send a set of command to control an UMB-ADAU1361-A codec board.
*   The hardware desription is here.

      example :
#include "unzen.h"          // audio framework include file
#include "umb_adau1361a.h"     // audio codec contoler include file
#include "mbed.h"

#define CODEC_I2C_ADDR 0x38

DigitalOut myled1(LED1);

    // customer signal processing initialization call back.
void init_callback(
            unsigned int block_size     // block size [sample]
        // place initialization code here

    // customer signal processing call back.
void process_callback(
            float rx_left_buffer[],     // array of the left input samples
            float rx_right_buffer[],    // array of the right input samples
            float tx_left_buffer[],     // place to write the left output samples
            float tx_right_buffer[],    // place to write the left output samples
            unsigned int block_size     // block size [sample]
        // Sample processing
    for ( int i=0; i<block_size; i++)   // for all sample
        tx_left_buffer[i] = rx_left_buffer[i];      // copy from input to output
        tx_right_buffer[i] = rx_right_buffer[i];

int main() 
        // I2C is essential to talk with ADAU1361
    I2C i2c(SDA, SCL);

        // create an audio codec contoler
    shimabara::UMB_ADAU1361A codec(shimabara::Fs_32, i2c, CODEC_I2C_ADDR ); 
//    shimabara::UMB_ADAU1361A codec(shimabara::Fs_441, i2c, CODEC_I2C_ADDR ); 
//    shimabara::UMB_ADAU1361A codec(shimabara::Fs_48, i2c, CODEC_I2C_ADDR ); 
//    shimabara::UMB_ADAU1361A codec(shimabara::Fs_96, i2c, CODEC_I2C_ADDR ); 

       // create an audio framework by singlton pattern
    unzen::Framework audio;
         // Set I3C clock to 10kHz
    i2c.frequency( 10000 );

        // Configure the optional block size of signal processing. By default, it is 1[Sample] 
//    audio.set_block_size(16);

        // Start the ADAU1361. Audio codec starts to generate the I2C signals 

        // Start the audio framework on ARM processor.  
    audio.start( init_callback, process_callback);     // path the initializaiton and process call back to framework 

        // periodically changing gain for test
        for ( int i=-15; i<4; i++ )
            codec.set_hp_output_gain( i, i );
            codec.set_line_output_gain( i, i );
            myled1 = 1;
            myled1 = 0;

    class UMB_ADAU1361A:public Adau1361
            * \brief constructor.
            * \param controler Pass the I2C controler object.
            * \param Fs Sampling frequency.
            * \param Addr I2C device address. value range is from 0 to 127
            * \details
            *   initialize the internal variables.
        UMB_ADAU1361A( Fs_Type Fs, I2C &controler, unsigned int Addr ):
            Adau1361( Fs, controler, Addr  ){};
            * \brief configuration of the PLL for the desired Fs.
            * \details
            *   Configure the PLL based on the given Fs and hardware clock configuration. 
            *   Fs is stored in fs member variable already. Hadrware clock have to be given
            *   from the circuit designer. For the UMB-ADAU1361-A, the clock is external 
            *   12MHz oscillator from the clock input. 
        virtual void configure_pll(void);
            * \brief configuration of the the codec for UMB-ADAU1361-A
            * \details
            *   Configure Internal signal pass and parameters for UMB-ADAU1361.  
            *   The all pass-through signals are shut off. All cross channel signals are shut off. 
            *   Monoral output is disabled. 
        virtual void configure_board(void);