First publishment of Shimabara Audio Codec Controller library. Including code for ADAU1361 and UMB-ADAU1361A. Working pretty fine. Checked with LPCXpresso 4337 and Unzen_lpc4337

Dependents:   unzen_sample_LPC4088_quickstart unzen_sample_lpcxpresso_4337_callbacks unzen_sample_nucleo_f746 unzen_delay_sample_nucleo_f746 ... more

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for shimabara


Adau1361 ADAU1361 audio codec controller
BaseAudioCodec Abstract audio codec controller
UMB_ADAU1361A UMB-ADAU1361-A audio codec board controller


adau1361.cpp [code]
adau1361.h [code]
baseaudiocodec.cpp [code]
baseaudiocodec.h [code]
umb_adau1361a.cpp [code]
umb_adau1361a.h [code]


shimabara Audio framework name space