Complete collection of examples for StarBoard Orange


'StarBoard Orange' is a base board designed by user logic star for mbed NXP LPC1768.


The board includes

  • microSD card connector
  • USB (Host side)
  • LAN(RJ-45)
  • TextLCD

You can use these features for various applications.


Examples with only StarBoard Orange

These following programs are simple examples with StarBoard Orange.
No. Title Notebook Program
1 GoogleChartLogger with StarBoard Orange

StarBoard Orange : "Application example No.1 : Enjoy mbed world with just one sensor!"

2 Add many buttons to your application with IR remote!

StarBoard Orange : "Application example No.2 : Add many buttons to your application with IR remote!"

3 Drive a CHORO Q with wii nunchuck!

StarBoard Orange : "Application example No.3 : Drive a CHORO Q with wii nunchuck!"


Examples with StarBoard Orange and Expansion Board One

These following programs are simple examples with StarBoard Orange and Expansion Board One.Expansion Board for StarBoard Orange : Expansion Board One
No. Title Notebook Program
1 Let's control a device from Twitter
2 Record thermistor values using Pachube

StarBoard Orange - Expansion Board One: (Example No.2: Record thermistor values using Pachube)

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Special Thanks to...

Special thanks to Mr.Igor Skochinsky-san.

Update history

Version Date Description
1.0.0 2010/10/14 Initial version.
1.0.1 2010/11/06 Added examples for Expansion Board One.
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18 Oct 2010 . Edited: 24 Oct 2010

Dear Mr. Nakamura,

thanks for this great post and the articles.

Will be this amazing board available in europe, too? Where can I get one?

Regards from Germany

Stanislaus Eichstaedt

18 Oct 2010

Dear Mr.Stanislaus Eichstaedt-san



Thank you for your comments.

Currently you can buy the board at kiban-honpo web shop. Sorry the web site is all Japanese.

But they can ship the board to outside of Japan.

If you have a question, please tweet to their twitter. (or me

I love StarBoard Orange. It's amazing board I think so too.

I'd like to support you to get the board if you need. :)




18 Oct 2010 . Edited: 18 Oct 2010

Konichi wa - Mr. Nakamura - san

Hi there in Japan. Thank you very much for the quick reply. :-) The mbed community is really fantastic. Fans all over the world. Great. I love this.

Postal charges are - maybe - very high from Japan to Germany. The German customs agency and their public officers are another problem. They want an VAT amount (19% in Europe) if ordered goods cost more than 20 EUR. Am I right that the board costs 2980 Yen -  this is nearly 26 EUR as complete kit (if my calculation is right :-))?

If you could support me to get this amazing board this would be really great.

The kit is fine. Soldering is no problem for me.

With VAT it's nearly about 30 EUR - that's absolutely okay. Do you know the shipping costs?

Thanks a lot for supporting me and and for your help.

With best regards from Germany

Stanislaus Eichstaedt


I want to complete my article ( - so a network connector would be fine, like offered by the board.

18 Oct 2010

Guten Morgen Mr.Stanislaus-san


The kit of StarBoard Orange is JPY 2,980-. You are right. :)

I wrote the document : StarBoard Orange : "Soldering step by step"


I don't know the shipping costs now.

But I'll ask to them.

Wait a moment please.


Oh! You are the guy who developed mbed .NET RPC Library! Amazing!

Thank you for your great job!



Guten Morgen - Mr. Nakamura-san :-)


Thanks for asking them because of shipping costs. Paying with Credit Card is no problem for me.

I saw your video with the small IR car. My little son want's this too. :-) He is absolutely fascinated, really. Great work.

Porting from Java to .NET was easy. Daniel did a great work with his Java library. It worked at once as I rewrote it. Only some minor changes. Now I'm testing it and want to write the network stuff. What I have tested till now seemed to work. Hopefully the rest, too. :-)

Best regards


19 Oct 2010

Dear Mr.Stanislaus Eichstaedt.

This is  Tomo Tsuji from Kibanhonpo.

Thank you for your inquiry for the StarBoard Orange.

Danke schön.

Now we are making shopping site for foreign customer.

Could you please email me if you want to get it sooner.

Thank you again and best regards,


19 Oct 2010

Guten Morgen Mr.Stanislaus

I`d like this article and I`m interested at an StarBoard orange.

I`d like to buy this board, too. I'm affraid I can`t speak Japanese.

Ist it possibility to take part in a collective order?

Best regards from Germany


19 Oct 2010

Hello All,

This is Tomo.

I apologize that we did not prepare shopping site for foreigner.

I want to introduce a forwarding service.

You can get StarBoard Orange if you use this site.

Best regards,

-Tomo Tsuji

19 Oct 2010

Dear Mr.Tomo Tsuji


We should discuss about this things in the tomorrow meeting. :)



Hi all

Thanks a lot for the help.

I'll try to order one with the forwarding link above. I have not a Pay-Pal account - but I will register.

@Mr. Rott: Like Mr. Tsuji wrote - here you can order one.

Keep you informed about my ordering status...


Thanks a lot to all again and for your help.



19 Oct 2010

Guten Morgen

I forgot to tell you an important information.

StarBoard Orange has not suited the RoHS.

Could you please understand it if you buy this board.

Best Regards,


19 Oct 2010 . Edited: 20 Oct 2010

Hello All,

you're great! I have my LPC1768 since 5 days. But I`m already love the mbed project.

The side sounds realy good. Thanks for the advice.

That´s not be the first time, I see an interesting thing in a Japanese shop.

I have already a PayPal account. First of all I`ll find out how it works.

Then I`ll register me at

Best Regards


Hi Tomo and all,

Another discussion of "world wide availability" is started on .

I introduced this thread so please follow-up when you have further inquiries.


I believe it will be nice to announce when you can start the shipment from Kibanhonpo (of cource, I mean, when you know it). Many people are waiting that news in the world ;)

rgs / nxpfan(tedd)

25 Jan 2011

Can someone please help me get one of these in the US.

The forwarding service would be great if the website was in English so I could make the purchase.

Is anyone else in the US interested in these.  If so, maybe we can get several at once.


10 Feb 2011

i'd probably buy one of these, too if they were sold in the US...maybe SparkFun could carry them? ship them out a few kits?

10 Feb 2011

I live in Silicon Vally, CA.  I bought 2 of these as kits a couple of weeks ago.  They are well worth having over the normal ad-hoc proto-breadboard.  It took some back and forth conversation over a few days, but we got everything in sync.  If you have a PayPal account, it will work in the USA.  Toshio Masuda from was very helpful.  The kits came in a couple of days (I think it was actually 2 days) once the money transferred.  It took less than an hour to build each one.  The kit can be found at  fully assembled (without the mbed) at


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