StarBoard Orange - Expansion Board One: (Example No.2: Record thermistor values using Pachube)


日本語版はこちら: ☆ボードオレンジ拡張基板:「活用事例2:Pachubeを使って温度センサの値を記録しよう!」


Pachube is a web-based logging solution for any devices.

You can upload data using mbed, StarBoard Orange and Expansion Board One easily.

Please see the following book for more details.


04 Nov 2010


Great job on this project!  I really like the StarBoard!

Hopefully this weekend I will have my Solar Charger project moved over to your board.

Your friend.....

Jeff Mourich - Hillsboro, Oregon

05 Nov 2010 . Edited: 05 Nov 2010

Hi Jeff-san!

Thank you for your messages.

I hope you enjoy mbed world with StarBoard Orange on your projects!

You can use this example program.

Maybe I think you should change an assign of analog input pins for your design.

p15, p16, p17, p19, p20... I don't know why you skip p18. :)

I love your web pages. You have a great family!

Best regards

Shin. :)

P.S. StarBoard Orange designed by logic_star ( He is really nice guy. :)

22 Dec 2010 . Edited: 22 Dec 2010


I am attempting to test this example.  I encounter a ConfigFile Read error.  I have been tweaking it for a a little while and it is still not working.  I am sure I am overlooking some detail.  I have the SBOE2.CFG file created and in place.  Should the file system stay "local" or should that be stripped if the file is on the root of the file structure path?  Any suggestions?

Have a few weeks of time to spend on the mbed wtih starboard orange and want to make some progress on some embedded systems and automation projects I have going back in NYC.  Planning to enter it in the mbed challange  Nice thing for these efforts is that I am in Tokyo for these weeks and can access Akihabara as I need hardware.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


P.S.  After intially posting this it occured to me that since I am on a Mac it might have something to do with the Config file having a .CFG extension.  Maybe there was a hidden TXT extension.  Well there was a hidden .TXT extension.  As Mac OS does like to hide these things from us.  Upon changing it to a proper .CFG with no hidden .TXT.  The example still is not working.  Sometimes it unmounts the drive after encountering the error.

As for one of my initial questions about the "local" file system.  I subsequently read the page and see that the the relative name of the file system is defined here and the /local/ should be kept.


I was able to get communication from the mbed to Pachube without using the external CFG file.  So things are progressing.  Ultimatly I would like to work back through the process and get the external CFG file working.

22 Dec 2010
Dear Mr.Luke-san Hi. Thank you for your post. :) Could you try to check the configuration file name with a terminal on a Mac? But It is the better way to check the true file name on your mbed storage I think. Sorry I don't have a Mac. :< Thank you again. The feedback is really important for mbed community. Regards Shin.

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