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24 Nov 2010

Shin! Is this a picture of you?

Love your Star Board Orange in the USA.  Solved my LDC issue....blew the LCD and MBED with my 24v Solar input.

Your friend in Oregon.

Jeff Mourich

25 Nov 2010

Hi. Jeff-san.

Yeah, It's me! :)

Oh, Did you fix the problem? That's great!

I'd like to see your new system in your house! :)

Thank you for your post!

Best regards


08 Dec 2010


Yes I did fix the system.  It works great now.  Moving the Solar Monitor to the shop this weekend.

Working on new code (Version 6A) to add remote code update over Ethernet (your example).

So I don't have to bring a laptop out to the shop or pull the MBED on every update.

I will post new pictures Sunday.

Thanks for your help!


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