Code for autonomous rover for Sparkfun AVC. DataBus won 3rd in 2012 and the same code was used on Troubled Child, a 1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer to win 1st in 2014.

Dependencies:   mbed Watchdog SDFileSystem DigoleSerialDisp


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
25:bb5356402687 2018-11-30 shimniok Initial publish of revised version. default tip
24:46318b2bf974 2018-11-30 shimniok Restored contents of Matrix.cpp
23:a34af501ea89 2018-11-30 shimniok Disabled PinDetect code (for now); fixed attach() calls in various functions to use new callback class.
22:dc54ca6e6eec 2018-11-29 shimniok Converted updater to class, fixed calls in main; changed include order of globals.h to fix extern pc variable.
21:894ba6f8d67b 2018-11-29 shimniok Replaced PinDetect with imported library.
20:1c2067937065 2018-11-29 shimniok fixed main compile errors; updated Display
19:ce7fdade3534 2018-11-29 shimniok Updated CartPosition, Mapping
18:c2f3df4ef5fe 2018-11-29 shimniok Added Telemetry, updated util files
17:08f6ee55abbe 2018-11-29 shimniok Removed refs to SerialMux, Filesystem
16:4c4b75824efc 2018-11-29 shimniok Updated SystemState.h, added SystemState.cpp
15:01fb4916a5cd 2018-11-29 shimniok temp fix for setSteering() compile err in shell.cpp; updated logging class
14:86ee4d840f6b 2018-11-29 shimniok imported SDFileSystem (mbed Cookbook) replacing original
13:14f56b76aa23 2018-11-29 shimniok Added print c module
12:5dfa1ab47838 2018-11-29 shimniok Updated sensors, removed FAT filesystem class (now part of mbed I think), Updated Buttons and Shell
11:33757b21d0e4 2018-11-29 shimniok Removed Filesystem class (unused)
10:3b588c648967 2018-11-29 shimniok Updated filesystem classes
9:39c0ff43332b 2018-11-29 shimniok Deleted Actuators, modified config to latest
8:aed35fb80b0f 2018-11-29 shimniok Updated with global devices
7:2066b62fc820 2018-11-29 shimniok Added devices header mapping functions to peripherals/pins for RoverBaseboard
6:78b4da5a5337 2018-11-29 shimniok Added boards.h RoverBaseboard / pin mapping
5:e301811727f7 2018-11-29 shimniok Cleaned up includes
4:2567b5292249 2018-11-29 shimniok 2012/2013 version
3:42f3821c4e54 2013-06-07 shimniok Working version 6/6/2013. Heading estimation may not be quite perfect yet but seems the major estimation bugs are fixed now.
2:fbc6e3cf3ed8 2013-06-06 shimniok Sort-of working version, still some errors with estimation. Added clamp() function.
1:cb84b477886c 2013-05-28 shimniok Changed initial next/prev waypoint to permit steering calc. Removed unnecessary code, added logging for steering angle to diagnose bug.
0:a6a169de725f 2013-05-27 shimniok Working version with priorities set and update time display