research application on sending data to headend

Dependencies:   DataStore JobScheduler NetworkServices W5500Interface nanopb protocol

See "main.cpp" documentation on "API Documentation" tab for details about application.


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
28:7214f7806526 2017-08-11 sgnezdov fixed compilation bug default tip
27:60c12f3f3430 2017-08-04 sgnezdov added documentation to all services and jobs
26:1798e352679a 2017-08-04 sgnezdov added job lifetime section to documentation
25:65e430b98cbe 2017-08-04 sgnezdov added section on tracing
24:62ca1f410862 2017-08-04 sgnezdov improved documentation
23:1976f83da84e 2017-08-04 sgnezdov minor section name update
22:3af582d8e227 2017-08-04 sgnezdov added application level documentation (high level design)
21:32cd3bfde206 2017-08-04 sgnezdov attempted to add main page to documentation
20:5b52a42b9a5d 2017-08-04 sgnezdov fixed bug in reporting number of jobs to be uploaded
19:40f5bcec121e 2017-08-04 sgnezdov disabled core module tracing, because it is no longer necessary
18:133a51becbe1 2017-08-03 sgnezdov work around "stack underflow" issue by moving large nanopb structure to heap.
17:b79ce8109995 2017-08-03 sgnezdov demo stack underflow issue
16:bef1673b199e 2017-08-03 sgnezdov jobList successfully sends data, but causes stack underflow; added new job to test uploads in the simplest possible way
15:f83485cc5a2c 2017-08-03 sgnezdov ready to send data to the server
14:65d69aed6540 2017-08-03 sgnezdov fixed runAt in job list by populating time scheduled from appointment
13:0fdbc14c33e7 2017-08-03 sgnezdov work in progress on reporting list of jobs; Issue: At time is zero
12:ec140a26367f 2017-08-02 sgnezdov set baud rate explicitly to 115200
11:acaefb63fc6b 2017-08-02 sgnezdov started work on uploading current schedule to headend
10:3d5be80beac4 2017-08-01 sgnezdov started working on job management at Protocol Buffers level. Not integrated into app yet.
9:d6a9210bfd41 2017-07-17 sgnezdov fixed time in ADC messages
8:51b6c5ed33f8 2017-07-14 sgnezdov fixed channel size bug, byte order bug; time is not fixed
7:c4123a87abe2 2017-07-14 sgnezdov ADC reads make it to HE, but values are not correct; ch 7 is supposed to be zero and is filled in; created date is way off
6:107bc28f82e5 2017-07-14 sgnezdov related to scheduler bugs
5:8972e5de8b8c 2017-07-14 sgnezdov no functional changes; pushed W5500 includes into W5500 specific ifdef section
4:b360d4f0bf34 2017-07-14 sgnezdov skeleton application is ready with 2 fake jobs
3:6acc85e706c4 2017-07-13 sgnezdov started to add networking stack
2:661c545d718e 2017-07-13 sgnezdov added W5500 network stack
1:eebe442fc126 2017-07-13 sgnezdov decided how to structure jobs and job contexts
0:2c57ed6943f7 2017-07-13 sgnezdov tracing is configured