My Version of the Crealab MotorLib.

Fork of MotorLib by CreaLab


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
24:932ea7bdc850 2019-04-18 sepp_nepp Compiles default tip
23:6060422cd6eb 2019-04-17 sepp_nepp Refactor
22:d2c742bdae16 2019-01-03 sepp_nepp Updates that makes the motor aware of the wheel diameter.
21:588c5254437d 2019-01-01 sepp_nepp Fixed typos
20:492140a08f05 2018-12-30 sepp_nepp Release for Doxy Debug;
19:2ac158fe414e 2018-12-30 sepp_nepp Release for Doxygen debug
18:00e3d8c71a9c 2018-12-30 sepp_nepp Updated Doxygen
17:86e5af6f7628 2018-11-28 sepp_nepp syntax fixed of some doxygen documentation
16:d818c1a4dafb 2018-11-28 sepp_nepp Release with major documentation added
15:88fecbdd191c 2018-11-01 sepp_nepp Further extended the helps. ; Functions not yet validated.
14:f0667bfc2e98 2018-10-31 sepp_nepp Some edits on DOcumetnation
13:4563244c4071 2018-10-31 sepp_nepp First publishing of my version of Motor Lib
12:fd881ff72048 2018-10-15 julienPhuong Fixed the motor command issue. Thanks Francois.
11:25d26c72a2f7 2017-07-27 garphil Solved issue of not possible to change Speed. changed minimum ticks between interrupt to 890
10:1df5a7a265e8 2017-07-27 garphil Changed constructor model
9:5983c10d5f8e 2017-07-17 garphil Added Callback + interface to set calibration or speed (by ticks or speed = seconds for 360?)
8:4dd59b6f4e92 2017-07-17 garphil Removed some warnings. Not tested!
7:439458133bba 2017-03-09 arnophilippe Add function getting the Motor State
6:aec892eb1b49 2016-10-11 garphil Added Infinite Run;
5:9886fd337a4b 2016-10-05 garphil Some cleaning (enums...)
4:c009bcd5518c 2016-08-23 garphil Added Start Stop function directly... instead of setcommand(Motor_Start)...;
3:01b4c058454d 2016-06-24 garphil Tested on Board.; Added Button (no uart for debug)
2:c91c5ef00d25 2016-06-17 garphil Compile OK, not tested on board yet
1:9519ac966b79 2016-06-17 garphil Still few errors to correct on class Motor
0:bd05fd602a6e 2016-06-17 garphil Class first template