all working version 2.0

Dependencies:   ADS1115 BME280 CronoDot SDFileSystem mbed

Fork of Outdoor_UPAS_v1_2_powerfunction by scott kelleher


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
63:4bb4e27d057e 2016-05-26 scottkelleher woking 6 sharp 2.0 default tip
62:d26214c68686 2016-05-25 scottkelleher sharp2-6 fix
61:69ec677bf39f 2016-05-25 scottkelleher working version 1.0
60:e434c8c85020 2016-05-24 scottkelleher different version to attempt to solve sharp issues
59:4221935a12d8 2016-05-24 scottkelleher latest version
58:3233c10a668c 2016-05-22 scottkelleher only change is temperature correction
57:1695e252298d 2016-05-20 scottkelleher first cut of 4x sharp sensors on nucleo L152
56:49387b72460e 2016-05-20 caseyquinn First publish for outdoor UPAS fork
55:2fb27f1ddff5 2016-05-16 caseyquinn Removed the green LED when batteries are fully charged.
54:a6073442bcef 2016-05-15 caseyquinn fixed the eternal loop after data transfer
53:5b4991d93cb1 2016-05-15 caseyquinn fixed string length issue for file transfer.;
52:95949e34b1f6 2016-05-15 caseyquinn Updated the filename(shorted and now uses ST RTC for timestamp). Also implemented file transfer of the newest file on the sd card, transfers that file, makes a copy in folder "c" and removes the original copy.
51:feba3e2aa1a0 2016-05-14 caseyquinn added gps utc date/time to the file name.
50:5f1b378e4f64 2016-05-08 caseyquinn Removed the duplicate sampledVol calculation from the flowcontrol callback to ensure no double counting of flow. Also made flowcontrol only available when the pumps are on.
49:055231b09a7e 2016-05-05 jelord fixed issue with byte 0xff messing up gps coordinates being saved
48:45d29f874b23 2016-05-07 caseyquinn Only run flow control if pumps are on. This will hopefully eliminate the issue of getting stuck out of flow and running full power.....
47:fe50d72c7adc 2016-05-05 caseyquinn removed sampledVol calc from flow control as it was double adding the sampledVol.
46:99d129bfdbbd 2016-05-04 caseyquinn crude duty cycle that uses the percent as a fraction of 60 seconds so 50% dutycycle = 30s On, 30s Off. 75% = 45s On, 15s Off. Works well with dutycycles divisible by 5.
45:5e0942088e31 2016-05-03 caseyquinn Minor changes and fork to UBC code
44:075fa63d5df1 2016-05-03 caseyquinn cartridge ID added into the file name and set by the android app only at this moment.
43:05aa1fb68946 2016-05-03 caseyquinn no longer uses start/stop with and now uses a function in .cpp file that compares to STRTC instead.
42:c8ed2dc04dfe 2016-05-03 caseyquinn Fixed ST RTC logging issue. This is now the dedicated UBC UPAS code to work with android app for now.
41:737f967d707c 2016-05-03 caseyquinn Fixed ST datetime logging issue.
40:cac5bdffba44 2016-05-03 caseyquinn increased sample name to 15 characters for android app. need to update ios app as well to continue making both apps compatible?
39:f1ebecfb32ca 2016-05-03 jelord sample name to 15, bt file transfer code
38:65ae9771f1e3 2016-04-29 jelord now has code for bt duty cycle and cartridge id setting
37:6c2dca195871 2016-04-29 caseyquinn update to location code to try to keep valves from opening/closing every 5 seconds.
36:2e344db70d35 2016-04-29 caseyquinn Rivendell 20160502 code
35:e0bdd6389a75 2016-04-27 caseyquinn Flow control added back in and MS0001 and MS0003 calibrated.
34:da333abe3476 2016-04-27 caseyquinn changed adc gain for omron to 1 from 2 so range is now 4.096V
33:03d0e7f5ef0a 2016-04-25 jelord Support for Second Home Micro.; Termination byte added to end of transmission to app
32:f400684a2950 2016-04-22 jelord Send and receive serial number
31:aea6bfaefa0f 2016-04-22 jelord TerminateByte added to send signal
30:aa6324845a84 2016-04-25 caseyquinn Changed the requirement for setting the serial number via sample name. Now requires a two digit number followed by a ~. ex 01~ will set the sampler name to MS0001.
29:fd74725294d5 2016-04-24 caseyquinn sets the serial # using the sample id string. If a 2 digit sample id is set then that value will be used for the serial number. If sample name > 2 will use existing. samplers 1-17 will have MS and >17 will be PS. SD file will use designation too
28:42932d3b105d 2016-04-23 caseyquinn Added hbridge code for Tboard RevC boards and probably some other stuff too.
27:922f53fa649c 2016-04-21 caseyquinn Fixed distance calculations to determine if at home or work/school. This version doesn't have the pumps turning on, and no flow control.
26:6aa294d83af4 2016-04-20 caseyquinn Pulls EEPROM lat/lon data for 2 microenvironments and sets them to global variables available for algorithm logic.
25:fbf7d44e7da4 2016-04-20 caseyquinn Added in microenvironment gps setting for 2 locations settable by the updated app. Battery near dead or after 8 pm red led blink to remind to plug in. Turn pumps off if the 3.3 rail drops out, turn back on once plugged in. Primarily for FOCO school
24:e274a34492cf 2016-04-07 caseyquinn Commented out Hbridge code from now until Tboard fix is completed.
23:1ca41779b8ec 2016-03-28 caseyquinn Tests Hbridges top two HB2 and HB4 are working. Added in gps heading and also red light for log when no gps connection and RGB light when gps connection.; UPASv1_Tboard_NUCLEO_L152RE_Hbridge_test_RN4677_GPS_pumpson_100digpot_20160327.bin
22:baa5a077d908 2016-03-26 caseyquinn Last publish was writing a new file every log instead of append. UPASv1_Tboard_NUCLEO_L152RE_BLERN4677_GPS_noHbridges_pumpson_20160325.bin
21:bb10efc5bf57 2016-03-26 caseyquinn BLE iOS programmable with GPS working. Hbridges only H4 is working? UPASv1_Tboard_NUCLEO_L152RE_BLERN4677_GPS_noHbridges_pumpson_20160325
20:30a00cd18e21 2016-03-24 jelord Few lines of code added at top of main for testing the EEPROM. Turns pumps on if EEPROM is NOT working
19:b835bfb61e35 2016-03-24 caseyquinn RN4677 on, gps off, sd logging file: UPASv1_2_Tboard_NUCLEO_L152RE_barebones_i2c_sdlog_rn4677_manualtimeset_pumpsonat100digpot_20160324.bin
18:41ef98db0423 2016-03-22 caseyquinn GPS, RN4677 programming, and pumps set to run without flow control at digitalpot setting of 100. UPASv1_2_Tboard_NUCLEO_L152RE_barebones_i2c_sdlog_gps_rn4677_manualtimeset_pumpsonat100digpot_20160322.bin
17:3e6dda6e6335 2016-03-22 caseyquinn GPS off, RN4677 on (works with iPhone only currently). Pumps are turned off. File UPASv1_2_Tboard_NUCLEO_L152RE_barebones_i2c_sdlog_rn4677_manualtimeset_nopump_20160322.bin
16:577cb22cec99 2016-03-22 caseyquinn added in gps
15:e564c8031c47 2016-03-22 caseyquinn actually set the time, added \r\n to make new lines in the txt file, changed LED scheme, and logging interval to 5 secs. This is the code for UPASv1_2_Tboard_NUCLEO_L152RE_barebones_i2c_sdlog_manualtimeset_20160322.bin
14:7cdb643da356 2016-03-22 caseyquinn Basic UPASv1 functionality with manual time set using the STM32 RTC and not the chronodot. No flow control but logging all UPASv1 data. UPASv1_Tboard_NUCLEO_L152RE_barebones_i2c_sdlog_manualtimeset_20160322.txt
13:455601f62aad 2016-03-22 caseyquinn Basic code for initial flashing of the Tboards. Code is also saved as a text file: UPASv1_Tboard_NUCLEO_L152RE_barebones_noi2c_20160321.txt.
12:5b4f3245606a 2016-03-21 caseyquinn Basic Tboard functionality. No i2c activated.
11:aa21628a9b15 2016-03-03 caseyquinn Reverted back to official mbed library due to Tboard trace changes to leave Serial2 for the USB com and to use Serial3 RX,TX,CTS,RTS for the RN4677. This works with the nucleo module.
10:06fbb1c9e3bd 2016-03-02 caseyquinn Updated mbed files and nucleo board to "try" and make the tboard RN4677 work on D1 and D0 rather than D8 and D2 pins. Still not working exactly right...
9:8646fd501832 2016-03-02 caseyquinn General code cleaning and also added in the chronodot RTC into the log file for now.
8:c4a8f9b67cee 2016-03-02 caseyquinn Separated the flow control code from the log code such that the flow control can now be checked at the same interval all the time regardless of the logging interval.
7:29b01d5812ee 2016-03-01 caseyquinn ST RTC now being set (most of the time) with the app. Also callback for the log_data are now working (needed a while(1){} in the main loop for the interrupts to continue working. Need to check that the stop interrupt is working.
6:a738dcd53bf8 2016-03-01 caseyquinn Recopied and updated the mbed folder version (now seems to work)... must not have been completely copied over...
5:c3252e5d45ca 2016-02-29 caseyquinn Changed RN4677 pins to D8 and D2 to match what Jake had previously and try to troubleshoot app issues first, then will need to address the potential pin conflict from nucleo pinout and the tboard pinout assignments.
4:5d004fd997d5 2016-02-26 caseyquinn Initial UPAS Tboard code. Currently has i2c, STRTC, and SDcard all working. Still need to figure out/add in RN4677, Ublox GPS, and hbridges