RPC over HTTP example.

Dependencies:   EthernetInterface HTTPServer mbed-rpc mbed-rtos mbed

Fork of RPC_HTTP by Michael Walker

This is a working example of using RPC over HTTP. This uses an ethernet connection. The program attaches an RPC handler to LED1. You can use a client program to send commands to this LED, addressing it as "led1".


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5:5322cbfd7c01 2015-06-15 sarahmarshy Led1; default tip
4:a1b6651dd2ae 2015-06-15 sarahmarshy Changed to use LED1.
3:6cfcccfe3995 2015-06-15 sarahmarshy Took out LED1
2:33d3bcad6a90 2015-06-15 sarahmarshy Working example of RPC over HTTP.
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