Assert updated with the returned status code instead of URL

Dependencies:   ublox-at-cellular-interface


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
20:737d307fd4d6 2019-03-22 SanaMasood Assert updated with the returned status code instead of URL default tip
19:ee06f3b2b078 2019-01-31 Multiple template mbed app has been merged and http-timeout can be set from json file
18:071ae6c6e581 2019-01-30 HTTP request timeouts increased, change of https link, buffer size increase and updated the u-blox AT cellular interface hash
17:ac64a6b90925 2019-01-28 Get data size of received data as parameter
16:00ba752520bb 2018-11-12 Build failure removed with latest version of UbloxATCellularInterfaceExt
15:6f0a1ecc8cec 2018-10-30 amq Add ability to set priority for the Rx thread
14:08717b418ba1 2018-03-26 RobMeades Update to latest version of libraries.
13:00d724f85d21 2018-03-02 RobMeades Update ublox-at-cellular-interface library version.
12:44c7bbc84f42 2017-10-31 RobMeades Update ublox-at-cellular-interface library version.
11:3631f62bb359 2017-06-16 Remove return code from ftpResetPar() since not all modules support all parameters and hence it's not possible to be certain which are errors and which are normal. Change order of parameters in ftpCommand() as offset is truly optional (it is not supported by Sara-G350). Make switching on of +ULOCIND URC optional (it is only informative and is not supported by Sara-G350). Update UbloxAtCellularInterface library version. Update mbed_app.json templates. Don't run the HTTP TLS test on C027 as Sara-G350 doesn't support it.
10:3b24bc50cc06 2017-06-13 Make debug prints conditional on _debug_trace_on.
9:e53d8a419fb7 2017-06-13 CellularBase and CellularDriverGen right up to top level.
8:cd36e7d9c24a 2017-06-13 Move UbloxCellularBase up to top level, otherwise there can be duplication.
7:d7a50a112cb0 2017-06-13 Update library versions.
6:c450d9e319cf 2017-06-13 Update library version.
5:9fd89567f769 2017-06-13 Updated to use u-blox cellular libraries outside mbed but NOT yet fully working on C027. Please hold off from using this library on C027 for now until a commit comes along stating that it is tested and working on C027.
4:39acbc0111eb 2017-06-09 RobMeades Handle case where uncertainty is "-1". Differentiate between +UULOC and +UULOCIND URCs.
3:e51d808980d8 2017-06-07 RobMeades Update library references.
2:3c825852fdbe 2017-06-07 Corrected case of inclusion: UbloxAtCellularInterface.h => UbloxATCellularInterface.h.
1:26a67ab07275 2017-06-07 Add UbloxCellularDriverGen library, since it is being subclassed.
0:0b75e22c9231 2017-06-05 RobMeades Initial revision.