KIK01 Proto 08

Dependencies:   AverageMCP3008 VoltageMonitor mbed-rtos mbed mcp3008

Fork of KIK01_Proto07 by Ryo Od


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
39:3c73531d13a2 2018-01-17 ryood Delete wait_us(1) from AD8402Write() default tip
38:90dde01f8255 2017-12-30 ryood CleanUp
37:85eb8e38cac8 2017-12-25 ryood AutoRun Switch
36:3543a352b9d4 2017-12-23 ryood LEDs
35:05798de92fb5 2017-12-20 ryood Initialize CS as Hi. Change SPI Clock.
34:0ef840ff8f74 2017-12-11 ryood Clean Up
33:eac518ea0f34 2017-12-11 ryood Sync In
32:41cda5ad45e4 2017-12-01 ryood Add Power Monitor
31:3c7e1cd0d947 2017-10-21 ryood clean up
30:1291e20b1c53 2017-10-19 ryood Output Noise Envelope from Dac2
29:947992b9904f 2017-10-19 ryood ReadParams() from ADC3
28:387c5a6d5206 2017-10-19 ryood Use AverageMCP3008
27:b07a55935230 2017-10-19 ryood Add channel parameter to DcaSetAmplitude()
26:866d672ba446 2017-10-19 ryood Add NOS1 Controller
25:b4977c7e0db7 2017-09-28 ryood clean up
24:e9fbadd15e90 2017-09-28 ryood correct EnvelopeAR class: remove vLast
23:da7c5f7feff1 2017-09-17 ryood Impl. Amplitude Envelope.
22:a3bb7594f9bb 2017-09-17 ryood Separate Envelope.h
21:a527f51381d6 2017-09-16 ryood Set SPI Speed of the AD8402
20:70a05941db8c 2017-09-16 ryood constrain the value of R
19:d9e4c66cb49b 2017-09-16 ryood Clean up
18:1bf4abf6895b 2017-09-15 ryood Output to AD8402
17:a5d9908bd456 2017-09-15 ryood first commit
16:30cb822e072f 2017-07-06 ryood 2 SPI bus
15:8f674acdac03 2017-07-06 ryood 1 SPI bus
14:8e96f97e261b 2017-06-25 ryood Output Sync Signal
13:43a43da257e3 2017-06-21 ryood MCP3008
12:5b498285d121 2017-06-06 ryood phase reset (cosf)
11:7e11404adca0 2017-06-06 ryood first commit
10:79134dbb339d 2017-06-06 ryood read all params
9:d1e6eae9722b 2017-06-04 ryood Impl. TauRatio
8:bb34a4894337 2017-06-04 ryood 10 AnalogIns
7:6735a343780e 2017-06-04 ryood Correct Range Check
6:897d6392b408 2017-06-04 ryood Impl. AnalogIn -> ampEnvelope, freqEnvelope
5:846772a77d33 2017-06-04 ryood Impl. AnalogIn -> AmpEnvelpe
4:9f53a82fc1b6 2017-06-04 ryood Attack, Tone Test
3:f89b400cfe57 2017-06-04 ryood Impl. BPM
2:8dff77a1ee4d 2017-06-04 ryood Ticker wave and envelope generation
1:f9b967ae26e4 2017-06-04 ryood Ticker wave generation
0:2dcec10e9199 2017-06-04 ryood for loop wave generation