for ros

Dependencies:   QEI chair_BNO055 pid ros_lib_kinetic

Dependents:   wheelchaircontrolrealtimeROS

Fork of wheelchaircontrol by ryan lin



File content as of revision 21:69df88af7c46:

#ifndef wheelchair
#define wheelchair

#include "chair_BNO055.h"
#include "PID_v1.h"
#include "QEI.h"
#include <ros.h>
#include <geometry_msgs/Twist.h>
#include <std_msgs/String.h>
#include <string>

#define turn_precision 10
#define def (2.5f/3.3f)
#define high (3.3f-.15f)/3.3f
#define offset .02742f
#define low (1.7f/3.3f)
#define process .1

/* for big mbed board
#define xDir D12 //top right two pins
#define yDir D13 //top left two pins
#define Encoder1 D0
#define Encoder2 D1

//for small mbed board
#define xDir D9
#define yDir D10
#define Encoder1 D7
#define Encoder2 D8

#define EncoderReadRate 1200
#define Diameter 31.75
/** Wheelchair class
 * Used for controlling the smart wheelchair
class Wheelchair
    /** Create Wheelchair Object with x,y pin for analog dc output
     * serial for printout, and timer
    Wheelchair(PinName xPin, PinName yPin, Serial* pc, Timer* time, QEI* qei);
    /** move using the joystick */
    void move(float x_coor, float y_coor);
    /* turn right a certain amount of degrees (overshoots)*/
    double turn_right(int deg);
    /* turn left a certain amount of degrees (overshoots)*/
    double turn_left(int deg);
    /* turn right a certain amount of degrees using PID*/
    void pid_right(int deg);
    /* turn left a certain amount of degrees using PID*/
    void pid_left(int deg);
    /* turning function that turns any direction */
    void turn(int deg);
    /* drive the wheelchair forward */
    void forward();
    /* drive the wheelchair backward*/
    void backward();
    /* turn the wheelchair right*/
    void right();
    /* turn the wheelchair left*/
    void left();
    /* stop the wheelchair*/
    void stop();
    /* function to get imu data*/
    void compass_thread();
    float getDistance();
    void resetDistance();
    void pid_turn(int deg);
    void turn_on();
    void turn_off();   
    void pid_forward(double mm);
    void kitchen();
    void desk();
    void follow();
    void back();
    double readEncoder();
    PwmOut* x;
    PwmOut* y;
    chair_BNO055* imu;
    Serial* out;
    Timer* ti;
    QEI* wheel;