does not work yet. Sound starts but then stops after a few seconds, whole thing hangs. Published so as I can import through mbed CLI.

Dependencies:   mbed sinelookup SDFileSystem_Copy_of_mbed_version I2S

Revisions of wolfson_3_wav.cpp

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10:5048aebc394e 2018-12-02 Version does not work yet. This has been published so as I can import on mbed command line interface (CLI). File  Diff  Annotate
9:4d6b9a554550 2018-11-25 Some changes made, not sure what was going on with this one. File  Diff  Annotate
8:40f37287589a 2018-10-28 latest revision File  Diff  Annotate
7:fb47ff047ac7 2018-10-28 we are now playing sound throughg codec with intwrrupt and block processing. however, it is either stopping file early, OR irunning it way too fast. File  Diff  Annotate
6:fd6ae534d120 2018-10-28 can play 8khz very very fast. added in extyra conditions for verbosity and isr condition File  Diff  Annotate
5:5b120a2d9249 2018-10-23 chsnged to work with 8khz file (does not work yet) File  Diff  Annotate
4:1a9482a07ee2 2018-10-06 plays a very bad quality sound out through i2s WITHOUT using interrupt routine. not really sure why....; File  Diff  Annotate
3:6fba0a044d85 2018-10-06 version that makes a horrid buzzing noise from codec on setup. then a different buzzing noise when playing File  Diff  Annotate
2:05b426733282 2018-10-01 probably doesnt work. copied the for loop right out of the wavplayer code to see why mine does not work File  Diff  Annotate
1:ec4e2020522c 2018-10-01 version that atill doesnt print ewverything. however a lotr of extraneous stuff has been removed; File  Diff  Annotate
0:004cb0595aa8 2018-10-01 current version does not print everything due to weird error File  Diff  Annotate