Dependencies:   mbed-rtos mbed Xbus

Fork of MTi-1_example by Xsens


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
68:1780ce046d11 2017-04-21 rik rikbeunnietgetest default tip
67:5c6676f25ffd 2015-10-14 tjerkhofmeijer Updating MTi-1 example's dependency on the Xbus library to the correct revision
66:f12dec1c0c3d 2015-10-06 tjerkhofmeijer Added support for I2C/SPI on EA-LP4088 platform.
65:38c908d1b515 2015-10-05 tjerkhofmeijer Added support for I2C/SPI on FRDM-KL46Z platform.
64:8a0f00a064bb 2015-10-02 tjerkhofmeijer MTi 1-series example is updated with support for I2C and SPI interfaces
63:138c196f0b88 2015-06-26 Xsens Update documentation for header pins to connect to on final development board.
62:ee6603d9d768 2015-06-16 alexandery Extract Xbus code into a library.
61:b9d3e7e5ba0c 2015-06-12 Alex Young Change to Apache license
60:ab9dad3560d3 2015-06-12 Alex Young Add support for EA LPC4088 QuickStart Board
59:f9166c19451f 2015-06-12 Alex Young Add support for Freescale FRDM-KL46Z development board
58:db60ef0a0d16 2015-06-12 Alex Young Use RawSerial port for communication with MTi.
57:c3c85ebb7375 2015-06-11 Alex Young Use platform defines to setup GPIO/UARTs
56:041d3d9c300a 2015-05-26 tjerkhofmeijer -fixed: typos in names of mti-2 and mti-3
55:9a2d6f947f0d 2015-05-26 Alex Young Only need to use 1 stop bit for UARTS.
54:2e9bb1390c9c 2015-05-22 Alex Young Add some introduction text to main.cpp
53:3891f4259901 2015-05-22 Alex Young Make PC serial baudrate a define
52:e2197b38c029 2015-05-22 Alex Young Replace \n with \r\n
51:cce9990f102a 2015-05-22 Alex Young Clarify documentation for user responsibility to deallocate message data
50:f581d5428ea6 2015-05-22 Alex Young Change definition for Xbus bus ID for consistency with LLCP documentation
49:38ecfbff5391 2015-05-22 Alex Young Fix typos in documentation comments.
48:69d35430fe8b 2015-05-21 Alex Young Add documentation for xbusmessage
47:c4610a65dade 2015-05-21 Alex Young Minor documentation cleanups
46:f652d199d27e 2015-05-21 Alex Young Add documentation for xbusparser
45:67203918bec9 2015-05-21 Alex Young Documentation of xbuf definitions and utility functions
44:b3980e8ac074 2015-05-21 Alex Young Add doxygen comments for main.cpp
43:470c019246e4 2015-05-21 Alex Young Move printing of message data to main thread.
42:e70756d2d8bc 2015-05-21 Alex Young Add support for printing acc/gyr/mag data
41:504b6821a96f 2015-05-21 Alex Young Add wait in main loop.
40:b77a8c10c76d 2015-05-21 Alex Young Add utility module for processing device ids
39:9014c5236864 2015-05-21 Alex Young Remove 'd' and 'o' PC commands.
38:d8d410d1662c 2015-05-21 Alex Young Add some friendly usage messages on startup.
37:3e87bf647c68 2015-05-21 Alex Young Implement support for restoring communication with the MTi
36:21198d933917 2015-05-21 Alex Young Add file header for main.cpp
35:7e519b88c610 2015-05-21 Alex Young Reset MT on startup.
34:3d7a6519a256 2015-05-21 Alex Young Split out sending message from a full transaction.
33:542e4b568631 2015-05-21 Alex Young Add Xbus wakeup message ids
32:fafe0f42d82b 2015-05-21 Alex Young Extract function for setting output configuration.
31:ce1ea9ae861e 2015-05-21 Alex Young Use a simple object to handle xbus memory cleanup
30:27ff4335edec 2015-05-20 Alex Young Add some more message ids
29:d9310e7b58b5 2015-05-20 Alex Young Set output config based on device type.
28:ae74baf7e5ab 2015-05-20 Alex Young Make XbusMessage_format be smart about payload formatting.
27:eebe5fc884e3 2015-05-20 Alex Young Add functions for writing stdints to xbus message
26:665d3624f9ab 2015-05-20 Alex Young Move PC command handling to a thread.
25:01356fb59467 2015-05-20 Alex Young Use rtos memory pool for message reception
24:2cc49dc854e3 2015-05-20 Alex Young Extract data handling from other xbus messages.
23:8171449f0dc3 2015-05-20 Alex Young Factor out specific message parsing functions.
22:3eab999c5076 2015-05-19 Alex Young Add support for reading back output configuration.
21:6015b8be3a00 2015-05-19 Alex Young Add function to convert XsDataIdentifier to string
20:38560fa3d2eb 2015-05-19 Alex Young Add simple command to read device Id
19:46e88d37ecef 2015-05-19 Alex Young Add support for parsing individual xbus messages.
18:2073072bad51 2015-05-19 Alex Young Extract functions for reading from xbus buffers to utility module
17:680f28e00d17 2015-05-19 Alex Young Better handling of zero length messages
16:4bdcdac223d8 2015-05-19 Alex Young Move MtData2 parsing to xbus message module
15:558d279addd9 2015-05-19 Alex Young Make the MtData2_getItem function use XbusMessage struct
14:155f9a55ec51 2015-05-19 Alex Young Use XbusMessage struct in parser.
13:dc2aa4678ec7 2015-05-19 Alex Young Ignore local mbed-rtos files
12:3426c966768a 2015-05-19 alexandery Import mbed-rtos library;
11:8593ba137917 2015-05-13 Alex Young Simple support for going to config/measurement
10:18a6661b7e59 2015-05-13 Alex Young Add basic support for formatting xbus messages.
9:e4dc986e59f6 2015-05-13 Alex Young Remember to set the message length even if it is zero