Dependencies:   ublox-at-cellular-interface ublox-cellular-base


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
16:6ce2f11ceb3f 15 months ago qasimublox Configuration changes for C030_R412M default tip
15:d93358925e8e 15 months ago fahimalavi UBLOX Cellular Base library version updated
14:034e2e950470 15 months ago fahimalavi Odin-W2 support removed and ublox cellular base library version updated
13:f5b874c31495 16 months ago fahimalavi Reverting back to changeset 11 to support C030_R412M
12:dd17519b5e30 18 months ago fahimalavi Reverting back as Odin-W2 has build error with Mbed-os 5.12.4 and SMCC, reverting back to 230af466efc4
11:7cdc7397d270 18 months ago fahimalavi Build errors fixed for ODIN_W2 platform
10:4c2ed226f5a8 19 months ago fahimalavi Updating example to use ublox-at-cellular-interface
9:b00e45dffe1a 19 months ago fahimalavi json configuration updated for R412M and bootloader file added
8:a5e9f1f94ade 19 months ago fahimalavi Support of C030-R412M added, mbed-os updated to 5.12.4
7:230af466efc4 22 months ago screamer Imporve inline documentation
6:2fb5057c0e42 23 months ago screamer Updated to Mbed OS 5.11.4 and SMCC
5:717231a186df 2018-12-18 screamer Update to mbed-os-5.11.0
4:dc1c3cb4d143 2018-12-16 screamer Update default WiFi SSID/password
3:3b2db67b206e 2018-12-16 screamer Updated main application for pin names and inline documentation
2:18e78518ee6f 2018-12-16 screamer Updated bootloaders
1:a50c1e691ff1 2018-12-11 screamer Hide sensors under ENABLE_SENSORS macro until the underlying ST target reiceves ADC temp and vref pin descriptions
0:a076a1bbe630 2018-12-10 screamer Initial revision