Experimental BLE project showing how IO can be made with an App over BLE. Pointer to matching App will be added when ready, initially this works with: - Android App [nRF-Master Control Panel], supports Write,Read,Notify - Android Project [BluetoothLeGatt]

Dependencies:   BLE_API mbed nRF51822

This is an experimental project for BLE (Bluetooth LE == Bluetooth Low Energy == Bluetooth Smart).

  • It supports general IO over BLE with Read/Notify/Write support.
  • It is compatible with FOTA using Android App "nRF Master Control Panel" (20150126)
  • IO supported by:
    • Custom Android App is in the WIKI under: Android-App, developed from Android Sample "BluetoothLeGatt"
    • Android App: nRF-MCP (Master Control Panel)
    • iOS App LightBlue.
    • General HRM, HTM, Battery and similar apps should be able to access the matching services.
  • It includes combinations of code from other projects, alternative code included can be tried by moving comments (, //)
  • 20150126 bleIO r25: It compiles for both "Nordic nRF51822" and "Nordic nRF51822 FOTA" platforms
  • 20150126 The matching bleIO App (in wiki) doesn't support FOTA yet, use Android App "nRF Master Control Panel"

Feedback and ideas greatly appreciated!!!


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
26:942faa4201d5 2015-01-26 prussell Works for both "Nordic nRF51822" and "Nordic nRF51822 FOTA" platforms, and the FOTA load does allow subsequent FOTA loads using Android App "nRF Master Control Panel". default tip
25:1c6c2895f729 2015-01-26 prussell Updates ShowIO, ShowADC
24:3fd510b912f6 2015-01-26 prussell Updated Libs: mbed r92, nRF51822 r93, BLE_API r277
23:78aad4e53ae2 2015-01-26 prussell Works with _bleIO_v06a.zip
22:533275e76f55 2015-01-11 prussell Need to add: setReadAuthorizationCallback()
21:f92bb1c80538 2014-12-29 prussell Fix: vShowIO(w8 for spare 16bit from Central)
20:fb286f736dc4 2014-12-29 prussell Update: r4 updated on any port read so ready for ble read request,
19:ebe7b59d9c76 2014-12-28 prussell Add comments about buggy on Notify&Read needing queue.
18:c676e79d5d3e 2014-12-28 prussell Debugging Notify
17:93538044f003 2014-12-27 prussell bleIO Notify Enable, Disable, and actual NotifyMsg are working with nRF-MCP
16:3e83f2babdfb 2014-12-27 prussell Debugging Android Notify
15:b2c8bdef2d20 2014-12-24 prussell Add: onUpdateDisable(), onConfirmRx()
14:b968df367145 2014-12-22 prussell Add Compiler Predefines
13:1c67c03bbf53 2014-12-21 prussell Corrected Advertised Device Name (was too long for use with UUID128)
12:8bac5f5d3a3e 2014-12-21 prussell BLE: Buttons cause Notify, Writes set LED PWM = OK
11:7d02fe5ebea5 2014-12-21 prussell Properly reversed order of bytes in Advertised UUID128
10:ee3a359f7d3f 2014-12-19 prussell Cleanup, Characteristic Updates to Host Enabled
9:2d11beda333f 2014-12-18 prussell RxTx with Android Example App BlueToothLeGatt working at minimum level
8:f187ba55aed2 2014-12-16 prussell Changed Services to Handles, Updated Debug, OK.
7:1097d012b01a 2014-12-14 prussell Add UUID16=0x1803 LinkLoss
6:5b6fb35b4450 2014-12-14 prussell UUID128 experiments. Careful Advertising not too long, limit 31bytes (too long flagged by LocalName being blank)
5:d36bbb315e31 2014-12-14 prussell Added OnLinkLoss. Works in mbed, Need an App with Notify support to see how that works
4:976394791d7a 2014-12-14 prussell Updated comments
3:a98203f84063 2014-12-13 prussell HRM HTM Batt Services
2:c77c2b06d604 2014-12-13 prussell +UUID Tables from strings
1:4a25d917fb6a 2014-12-11 prussell Updated Libs: nRF51822, BLE_API, mbed
0:0217a862b047 2014-12-10 prussell Initial, Imported from PR's bleHRMv02