pl ack in tmtc

Dependencies:   FreescaleIAP SimpleDMA mbed-rtos mbed

Fork of COM_MNG_TMTC_SIMPLE_pl123 by shubham c


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
140:4feeb1163bb6 2016-04-02 pradeepvk2208 included ack for pl_tc_tm default tip
139:17353d6311ce 2016-03-30 ee12b079 PL I2C worked
138:71ed56f2ec50 2016-03-30 Piasiv1206 jkhdsoi
137:6fcbbaf19284 2016-03-12 Piasiv1206 workin
136:8074893cd24e 2016-03-10 ee12b079 To be tested for i2c with PL and OBSRS TC.; Major change : 1) junk_f flag shifted to reset_adf (so that it works for multiple sessions); 2) Serial Baudrate changed to 115200; 3) Added many zeros at the end of packet in APS for GNU radio
135:522f7d73d04f 2016-03-02 ee12b079 Testing
134:4694fc291ce1 2016-03-01 ee12b079 testing
133:56d37aa8a011 2016-03-01 ee12b079 OBSRS TM to be checked
132:d4a4461214ad 2016-02-29 ee12b079 i2c integration in progress
131:8745e6041ebc 2016-02-27 ee12b079 PL not receving data, to be tested; ;
130:d5b53088270b 2016-02-27 ee12b079 Integrating i2c with PL
129:47ed605a459d 2016-02-26 ee12b079 Works with 'USE_RX1M_GET_FROM_MBED' , to be tested for baudrate 115200
128:a232a4352664 2016-02-26 ee12b079 Working with 'Bypass_rx1m_get_from_mbed' case aps .
127:8a7bee7b8e8b 2016-02-26 krishanprajapat complete code except restart function need to be tested;
126:b7c024b5632d 2016-02-10 ee12b079 I2C code integrated, to be tested with PL
125:a3b95a9c16ef 2016-02-08 ee12b079 GETapid corrected , to be integrated with PL (Relay_tmtc)
124:7f0d823c5881 2016-02-07 shreeshas95 added disable and enable science thread statements
123:457d6fd9ac37 2016-02-07 krishanprajapat updated
122:b99f8be0a51a 2016-02-07 krishanprajapat updated
121:bd7263168ee4 2016-02-06 krishanprajapat editing create ackandcallsign flags init done
120:d79297a4f89d 2016-02-06 krishanprajapat updated
119:2b5632bc78ab 2016-02-06 krishanprajapat removed dummy ack_l1 function
118:60c5de4cb8ad 2016-02-06 krishanprajapat added some function for obsrs tc
117:bfdc807f3d3c 2016-02-06 krishanprajapat added common_functions.h file
116:8f431a8bbe82 2016-02-06 krishanprajapat added common_functions.h file
115:2e1144a41d76 2016-02-05 ee12b079 Integrating PMS ... transmitter is to be integrated
114:9fb55057b13f 2016-02-05 ee12b079 Testing on CDMS hardware...
113:b8991d9e3b6c 2016-02-05 ee12b079 testing shreesha's code with obsrs tc and non-obsrs tc
112:b41bf1ce4bbe 2016-02-05 ee12b079 Changed pin-names, to verify the aardvark working on mbed before going on cdms hardware
111:daa937e649f5 2016-02-05 krishanprajapat added some more functions for obsrs tc
110:e5091ab345de 2016-02-04 ee12b079 Testing on CDMS hardware
109:78f2912e3473 2016-01-26 ee12b079 DMA be tested thoruohgly;
108:2efd0974d40b 2016-02-03 aniruddhv Modified execution of OBSRS flow in COM_MNG_TMTC.h
107:396aa26f3fff 2016-02-02 aniruddhv testing;
106:cd10ac5ad10e 2016-02-03 krishanprajapat included common_functions.h
105:5ce0337e7c15 2016-01-29 shreeshas95 Changed pins from the last version
104:a50ae79ca36e 2016-01-29 shreeshas95 Added cdms hk thread : ready for testing
103:b55559925dc1 2016-01-29 shreeshas95 Integrated HK : YET TO BE TESTED
102:80c911a6e736 2016-01-29 shreeshas95 Changed Structures.h: removed Base_tm functions and corresponding errors everywhere
101:bece931236a2 2016-01-26 shreeshas95 Made changes in science thread, and globals for DMA
100:484a687431cc 2016-01-26 ee12b079 Science thread integrated. Use this version for DMA. ; TC sent succesfully for reading one FSC and tm received
99:efde3df6cd94 2016-01-26 ee12b079 DATA checked for one fsc, with one OBSRS telecommand
98:fd99ddc0e0a1 2016-01-26 ee12b079 Both threads working without SD card functions
97:717c7908c822 2016-01-25 ee12b079 worked once by signalling through interrupt;
96:4ca92f9775e0 2016-01-25 ee12b079 Com thread worked in parallel with science thread, both types of TCs worked
95:42d6747900cb 2016-01-25 ee12b079 Using common function to transmit :; transmit_adf instead of adf_not_sdcard and adf_snd_sdcard.
94:611c066467a1 2016-01-24 ee12b079 Compression.h tested, works when flash.h is commented due to ram-size.
93:4d76de54a699 2016-01-24 ee12b079 Science Thread integrated, to be tested,
92:bce22b38c440 2016-01-23 ee12b079 obsrs integrated with mcs data checked multiple segments also checked
91:05cf9d71a665 2016-01-23 ee12b079 data matching with isr =10
90:df55a5f68331 2016-01-22 ee12b079 EOS detected but data needs to be checked, bugs solved: (1) chip select not made 1, (2) connections are lose at sd card side
89:cca875337dd5 2016-01-22 ee12b079 done minor changes , not working;
88:b9beee1a7a3e 2016-01-21 ee12b079 NOT DETECTING eOs
87:6e154fd43531 2016-01-20 ee12b079 Sdcard code integration : Enters Execute_sdcard but FSC is not correctly extractred, may beproblem with MCS...;
86:a26f5f22631d 2016-01-20 ee12b079 SDCard code integrated, works for MMS TC, to be tested for OBSRS TC
85:0c5c860f249e 2016-01-20 ee12b079 Working with aps, can be integrated with sdcard
84:b0f7a241ddf3 2016-01-20 ee12b079 To be checked
83:4ce3433ac3fa 2016-01-20 ee12b079 modified adf...
82:c55f29ad4240 2016-01-19 ee12b079 updated SD card and files
81:1a39e9e14771 2016-01-19 ee12b079 To be integrated with Krishan's code and later with anirudh's changes